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Parasite Hulu Time, and Streaming Details

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Parasite is a South Korean Black Comedy thriller drama. The story gives glimpses of how good people get changed into bad by the rich. The core theme of the story lies in respecting fellow labor. Lack of Ignorance in treating the people right has been clearly explained by the drama. Consequences rich family facing threats from their labor has been  portrayed

Due to the increasing popularity and an overwhelming response from the audience, the production has planned to make the movie more accessible for every individual. In this article, I’ll discuss the Parasite Hulu streaming details, storyline, and all you need to know. Let’s start discussing the drama without delay.

update And Streaming Details

Parasite will be released on Hulu April 8, 2020, around 12:01 AM PT. The update has been officially confirmed from the production. Hulu is a video streaming facility fully owned and controlled by Walt Disney. Hulu was founded in 2007 for providing video entertainment over the network. It has become a huge entertainment medium over the past few years. The movie was initially released on May 21, 2019, at Cannes. The film has become a huge success winning a lot of awards, including Best pictures at the Oscars. The movie was also considered as the best South Korean Movie of all time.

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What’s the Parasite Storyline?

The drama starts by introducing to Kim family working for the super-wealthy Park family. Kims starts introducing his family members to work for parks. Kims starts involving further into the family members by helping Park’s son Ki-Woo, who involves in forgery activities in university documents so that he can easily enter the position as a tutor. His daughter Ki-Jeong passes as an art therapist to start working with Park’s son. She refers her father to become chauffeur and his mother, who gets involved in housekeeping activities. The story gets more complicated when Monn-gwang makes her return to the Park family home while they’re on a camping trip. Chung-sook was babysitting with other family members. Kim’s family finds that her husband is living in the basement for many years due to the cheating he has committed.

Moon-gwang pleads the Kims to protect Geun from the Parks family. Moon_gwang tries to make an agreement with Kims to safeguard his husband in exchange for her silence on their shady behavior. Due to the disagreement, fight to break out between them. Surprisingly Park’s family makes a surprise return from their trip. Park’s family return is due to the severe rainstorm that started. Parks arranges a house party the next day to celebrate Da-song’s birthday. On birthday there arise several conflicts between the labor and Kim family members. Ki-woo tries to enter the bunker to face Geun-sae along with scholar’s rock. They find Moon-gwang dead . for taking revenge, Geun-sae stabs Ki-Kung with a Kitchen knife in front of the horrified guests. After the argument and the chaos by Ki-taek upon seeing Mr.Park’s disgusted reaction, he takes the knife and kills Mr.Park.

The story ends with Geun-sae’s motives for the attack are a mystery to the public. Ki-woo agrees to watch the Park’s home, which has decided to be sold for the German family, unaware of its background history.