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One Piece Chapter 939 Spoilers And Updates

One Piece Chapter 939 update

One Piece Chapter 938 text leaks are already out, and just by reading them, you can see that this week, we got another buildup chapter. I don’t hate it or anything. However, I did expect things to go a bit faster, considering Oda’s health. But, it is what it is.

Chapter 938 of the manga touched all the major plot points. We saw Zoro fainting and then getting saved by Hiyori, while Gyukimaru leaves the scene. Kinemon and Inuarashi are talking about the symbol of the revolution, and so is Kyoushiro. This is weird because there is something up here. We see Drake and Hawkins arrest more people at the bathhouse. Sanji gets to Law and presumably tells him about what happened. Law and Shinobu get into an argument, and Nami beats Sanji heavily. As all this goes down, we head towards a One Piece break.

So, what exactly will happen in One Piece chapter 939? We have to wait for a few more days to get to the chapter, and of course, that means we won’t get spoilers till then. But, we can still speculate. In my opinion, we’ll see a lot of Luffy when the manga returns. He’s been taking down guy after guy, and it seems that Luffy might be defeating a few more when the manga returns after the break.

Zoro is at the most important place right now. Hiyori just revealed her identity to him, and this is huge. We may also see Gyukimaru very soon, and maybe he’ll give Zoro the weapons.

Queen’s Oshiruko is there and Mama is going to eat it, without any doubt. I think Queen may be defeated by Mama right there and then, while Luffy and the others will use this opportunity to free themselves and run away.

Meanwhile, Zoro will probably ask Hiyori a bunch of questions and might even tell her what little he knows about Momonosuke and Wano. I still doubt that she’s actually Hiyori, but we’ll find out soon enough. Law might be heading off to save Bepo, and we may see Jack stand in his way. I think it’s Jack’s men who took Bepo and the others.

One Piece 939 won’t be out next week. The manga is on a scheduled break. Chapter 939 will drop officially on April 15, 2019. The scans will be out by April 12, 2019.