Veep Season 8: Renewed or Canceled at HBO?

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Veep Season 7 Episode 7

In this post, we are going to talk about Veep season 8 renewal, and details. The show is currently into its seventh season, and fans are just loving it. The first six seasons have had ten episodes except for the first season which had 8. But the seventh season was given just seven episodes.

The show is a political drama which follows former Senator Selina Meyer, who becomes Vice President. For most of the people, it would look like a dream coming true, and it would be a very happy moment, which happened with her as well. But when she had to bear all the responsibilities, she found it tougher than she thought.

With the seventh season concluding on 12 May 2019, viewers were very excited to know what would happen afterward. Well, most of you would know that the seventh season is its last season. Which means, there will not be any more seasons of Veep. Even the seventh season was just produced to end the story properly.

The main reason behind the cancellation is not decreasing viewership or anything near to that. It is just that the storytellers and cast members believe that they have depicted enough of the characters, and this is the end. They just wanted to give it a happy ending and get away with it.

Therefore, fans will have to accept that there is nothing more in this story. If the show gets canceled due to viewership, then some other network can intervene to help. But if the creators and cast members think like this is the end, then there is no way out. So, watch the finale episode on 12 May 2019, which will serve as the series finale.

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