Kaguya Sama Love is War Chapter 188: update, Spoilers, and Recap

Today we’ll be talking about Kaguya Sama Love is War Chapter 188. With most of the Shonen Jump manga still ongoing. The next release will also feature Kaguya Sama Love is War new chapter updates. In today’s post, I will be bringing you the latest updates about Kaguya Sama Love Is War’s new chapter update spoilers and all the latest information we have so far. Take a look at our latest news and updates below.

For now, the spoilers for Kaguya Sama Love is War new chapter is not yet released as of now. We will bring you updates as soon as we get them as they are usually released 2-3 days before new chapters. They might be released within a day or two, so in the meant time, you can check out the schedule for the upcoming episodes below.

Kaguya Sama Love is War
Kaguya Sama Love is War Cover

Kaguya Sama Love is War Chapter 188 update Details

Kaguya Sama Love is War Chapter 188 will be released on 14 May 2020. This Manga runs on a weekly schedule meaning that new chapters are released once every week and are 7 days apart. Kaguya Sama Love is War Chapter 187 was released on 30 April 2020, so this makes Chapter 188 to be released by Thursday. Make sure to visit our site regularly as we will bring you more updates as soon as a new chapter is released.

The latest Kaguya Sama Love is War Chapters are available online as soon as they are released on VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga plus official platforms. Raw scans for new chapters are released 2-3 days before their respective chapters are released. To support the Manga creators and publishers, we advise you to read the digital copies from their official websites and apps.

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Kaguya Sama Love is War is more of a love story between two students who find it hard to express their love to each other because of their Pride. Kaguya Shinomiya and Miyuki Shirogane are the members of the prestigious academy’s student council, they are two geniuses who stand top in the academy. All the time they spend together has caused the two of them to develop feelings for each other, but their pride gets in their way to confess their love for each other and they challenged each other to see who will confess first and their battle to make the other confess begins on a daily basis.

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