Apex Legends Season 5 Split Updates and update

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Apex Legends Season 5
Apex Legends Season 5

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In this article, we will discuss all the updates associated with Apex Legends Season 5. The free-to-play battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and it is currently on its 5th Season Split 1. As the fans wanted to know more about the update of the Apex Legends Season 5 Spilt 2 and Updates. So in this article, we will discuss all the recent updates associated with the game. And we will also discuss some leaks about this new season. So without further ado Lets discuss the updates associated with Apex Legends Season 5. 

Apex Legends Season 5 Split 2: update

The show is currently in its 5th season and the average duration of each season of Apex Legends is of 3months. The first split of the 5th season was released on May 12 and it got concluded on June 23. The split 2 was released on June 23, 2020, and it will be going to conclude sometime around August 4, 2020. However, there have not been any changes made to the ranked split system. Each split has a duration of six weeks, and Respawn will change maps and soft reset our rank at the end of each split.

Apex Legends Season 5:Features

The Fourth season of Apex Legends was a HUGE season that changed the face of the Apex universe and produced an incredible lure with the introduction of Revenant. Revenant’s crash-landing into Apex caused an exciting occasion for real storytelling and it’s something Respawn has decided to run with. Respawn has divided the Apex Legends ranked season into two divisions to bring a competitive environment into the battle royale and keep the players engaged. The game has a total of 7 rank tiers starting from Bronze which is the base level to the Apex Predator which is the highest available rank. Every tier adds a certain amount of points that the players earn to get to the next tier. Here are the details of all the tiers and the points.

  • Bronze – Considered as the Base rank
  • Silver – 1200 RP
  • Gold – 2800 RP
  • Platinum – 4800 RP
  • Diamond – 7200 RP
  • Master – 10000 RP
  • Apex Predator – Top 500 players of the server.

Here is the RP Cost of each tier match.

  1. Bronze matches – Free of Cost. 
  2. Silver matches – 12 RP
  3. Gold matches – 24 RP
  4. Platinum matches – 36 RP
  5. Diamond matches – 48 RP
  6. Master matches – 60 RP
  7. Apex Predator matches – 60 RP

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