Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 13 Scans, And Title Revealed

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Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 13 update

Dragon Ball Super Heroes Episode 13 is all set to air in July 2019. After a fantastic episode 12, fans including which were previously disappointed are hyped about upcoming episodes. Today we will cover everything about Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 13 Trailer, Synopsis.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 13 is set to release on 11th July 2019. Cipher on twitter posted synopsis for episode 13 and Herms98 has already translated it. Dragon Ball Super Episode 13 is titled “Super Hearts Joins The Fight! An All-Out Earthshaking Battle!”

According to the translation provided by Herms98, we know, our arc nemesis Hearts revealed his real power and our hero Goku transforms into SSGSSJ, and he will take on Hearts with every inch of stamina left. Episode 13 would and should be a massive battle between our hero Goku and Hearts.

super dragon ball heroes episode 13

Official translation mentioned below :

“Hearts has finally shown his true power! Goku transforms into Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, and a fearsome, evenly matched battle unfolds. How will this earthshaking battle end?!”

Now you might think what happens to Vegeta? Will Goku go ultra-instinct once more? Will we see any more significant twist that will aid Goku in a fight? Dragon Ball Super Heroes episode 13 will be answering to all this.

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  1. if they really want to do something awesome
    let vegetal go to UI then regatta will fuse with goku and they will create UI gogeta

    now hearts doesn’t stand a chance

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