Steven Universe Season 6: Team Confirms More Is Coming!

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Steven Universe Season 6

As we know, the fifth season recently concluded, in January, and the fans were asking for more. Steven Universe is popular among children as well as adults, and that is the reason it has been getting an immense amount of love from all age groups.

The fifth season had everything, war, Watermelon Steve, emotional moments, what else do you need? After the fifth season concluded, fans were asking whether there would be a sixth season or not. Well, it is hard to answer the question right now as the sixth season has not been confirmed. The show airs on Cartoon Network, and Netflix and Amazon have international broadcasting rights. However, none of the networks have confirmed a sixth season.

Nevertheless, we have confirmed the news that the sixth season is happening. I am so sure because when a fan asked on Steven Universe Instagram page whether the fifth season was the last or not. The official Instagram handle denied the rumor and assured that there is more coming. Hence, it is going to be a long run!

Update July 27, 2019: Steven Universe – The Movie Trailer

At SDCC 2018, Rebecca Sugar, the creator hinted at Steven Universe the movie. And at SDCC 2019, we were given a full-length trailer. Not only that, there was a BTS clip and the movie’s September 2nd premiere date confirmation.

Let us continue our talk about the sixth season; if the show gets renewed, when could the sixth season release? Interestingly, there is no room for prediction when it comes to Steven Universe, as the new seasons have been released in different parts of the year. Additionally, the show’s duration is also not defined, as the third season lasted for three months and the fifth season was broadcasted for three years! Hence, it would be pointless to predict anything about the sixth season!

Even though we cannot anticipate a we have confirmed information that the show would return in 2019. The IMDb page of Steven Universe is showing the sixth season with 2019 update. So, we could see the sixth season by the end of the year!

Moreover, the fifth season finale teased Steven Universe: The Movie rather than the sixth season, which led to a lot of rumors that the show would not have sixth season and so on. But we have a confirmed news that sixth season has nothing to do with Steven Universe film. Also, the sixth season will release after the movie is released, and that is the reason why we saw the movie being promoted in the fifth season!

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