Ahiru no Sora Episode 45 Preview, and Spoilers

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Ahiru no Sora

We are back with another episode of this Anime, today we will be looking at the match between Kuzu High and Yokohama. Since Mokichi has entered the field the game has changed for Yokohama players. They are now in trouble and the teachers of Kuzu high are surprised to see Mokichi’s performance. Let’s start by taking a look at the following details below.

One of the teachers said that Mokichi has played basketball in middle school. Kuzu high is changing the mind of their teachers when it comes to basketball. They are surprised to see that their student have confidence and are dedicated to taking their team to a higher level. The principal said their performance might have changed the teacher’s mind.

This post is about Ahiru no Sora Episode 45 preview, and recap. Since the teachers were taking their students for granted now they believe in them. Kuzu’s high has to prove to their teachers that they have changed from past behavior that almost makes them lose their careers. Take a look at the weekly schedule of this Anime below.

Ahiru no Sora Episode 45 will be released on Wednesday,  26 August 2020, at 5:55 PM JST. A new episode of Ahiru no Sora is released every Wednesday. You may come across the spoilers of the next episode, you can skip them if you are not interested. Take a look at the recap and the preview of the upcoming episode below.

Ahiru no Sora
Ahiru no Sora

Previously on Ahiru no Sora Episode 44

Yokohama is leading with 35 points and Kuzu high is trying to cover the gap of 4 points. Mokichi makes a great pass to Chiaki who failed to score due to a block from #12 Yokohama. They make a counter attack and Sora is chasing but the ball lands in Fuwa’s hand who pass it to #10. Yokohama players want to shut down Natsume and prevent him from scoring at this quarter.

Sora is exhausted and he is asking himself what kind of training does Yokohama players take since they are not even sweating. #23 from Yokohama teases Sora that he focuses on mastering three-pointers because he is short. #23 snatch a ball that was coming towards Sora and he scores from long range. The gap has been increased to 38:31 points and the fans are shouting defense to Yokohama players.

Mokichi and Natsume team up and make a rebound that falls into the hands of Yokohama. Things are changing for Kuzu high as Yokohama score again within a minute. Natsume is ready to show them that he can still do it with the help of his teammates. Yokohama’s defense is giving Kuzu hight tough time they cannot breakthrough.

Only 2 seconds left for the 7 quarter to be finished, Chiaki misses, and Fuwa scores with a slam dunk. Nanao is worried about the way her team is conceding the scores because now it is 44:31. Now the half time has started Yozan from Yokohama went outside thinking that it will be over soon for Kuzu high. Since the half time has started it became the rain of scores in Kuzu’s basket, what a gap 62:31.

Sora wanted to leave after the first half has ended. He is feeling embarrassed and said that if he was a teacher he would have quit watching. Yokohama coach Sakamaki told Sora that there is still second half that is waiting for him. Later Sora finds out that Sakamaki knew his mother after he gave him advice on how good he is. The second half will begin soon we will be able to see if Kuzu high will manage to cover the gap.

Ahiru no Sora Episode 45 Preview


Thanks to the youtube latest preview and that what we have today about the updates of this Anime. The next updates will be available as soon as the episode is released.

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