Gibiate Episode 8 Preview, and Spoilers

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Within a matter of 4 weeks, we will be concluding this Anime. Let’s find out how Kathleen is managing to survive from the shadow of the monsters. In the last episode of this Anime Ayama appears and saves Kathleen from the monsters. Hatonami Ayama is taking a video record. She said her father is Japanese and her mother is Chinese. Her parents lived apart when she was young. She learned Chinese martial arts from the restaurant owner where her mother used to work.

Her parents did not get divorced because her father was Yakuza and that’s why he wanted to become a cop. Later Kathleen and her crew encounter a Meteora while they were being chased by a group of thugs. They managed to defeat the monster after a long battle and Katleen’s mother got infected with Gibia.

Today we will be looking at Gibiate Episode 8 preview, and summary. This is the story about a girl who lost her father when she was young. Kathleen’s father was killed in a Gibia war so Kathleen wants to end this illness by looking for a cure for Gibia. Let’s take a look at the following details below.

Gibiate Episode 2 will be released on Wednesday, 3 September 2020, at 10:00 PM JST. The latest new episode of Gibiate is released every Wednesday. The spoilers of the upcoming episode are not yet available. Let’s take a look at the summary and preview below.


Gibiate Summary

This disease that started in Venice is called Gibiate and it is spreading all across the world. All the countries are looking for a cure for it to prevent it from spreading. The citizens are encouraged to excise the cation to counter it. The first case in this mysterious disease occurred in a woman visiting Venice on Agust 21st, 2028.

The military was deployed and the managed to contain it but later the infection spread at a fast rate. The reporter is on a chopper above Tokyo they are witnessing monsters appearing everywhere. The citizens are warned not to travel in a large number of groups and they must travel in a few groups as possible. The reporters saw a monster eating a man all men that were inside a plane.

The plane fell on the city destroying everything, Funada Kathleen told her self that she is not going to give up. She is going to create a vaccine and turn the world back to normal. In year 16oo AD Keicho Yera 5 October 15th Kanzaki Sensui is traveling in a boat with the other 2 guys. One is Sanada Kanroku they are both exiles and they shared the past they have experienced.

They are running away from execution. While they are on their way they encounter a monster that destroys their boat and they ended up washed away in a city. Kanzaki asks if they are taken ina an afterlife as he cannot see the ocean. They end up discovering that they are in Sumida Ward. They encounter some monsters and met with Funada Kathleen. One is a powerful shinobi and the other one is a samurai.

Gibiate Episode 8 Preview

That’s what we manage to offer this week, all thanks to the youtube preview. For more updates about this Anime, they will be available after episode 8 has been released.

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