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All 5 Types Of Armament Haki In One Piece – Ranked From Weakest to Strongest

One Piece Armament Haki Types

Armament Haki is one of the three types of Haki in One Piece, and it is arguably the most used type as well. This type of Haki is primarily used to defend the user from an incoming attack, and add to the offense as well. It also allows a person to hurt devil fruit users which makes it very useful. There are several types of Armament Haki, and we’ll be discussing them in this post.

All 5 Types of Armament Haki In One Piece

One Piece Armament Haki Types

5. Invisible Haki
The invisible Haki is what we’ve seen used a lot of times both pre and post timeskip in One Piece. After two years of training, Luffy displayed this Haki against a Pacifista when he coated his fist in invisible Haki and defeated him in one Punch. Charlotte Cracker also uses this Haki to coat the shields of his biscuit knights.

4. Armament: Hardening
This type of Armament Haki is not much different from the invisible type. The only difference between the two is that this one is hardened, and hence can be seen with eyes.

3. Ryuuou
Ryuuou is a form of Armament Haki that is used by swordsmen. It was first displayed by Rayleigh at Ruskaina. This type of Armament Haki can be ejected from the user’s body like a blast. Rayleigh used it to deflect an elephant. Luffy is also a proficient user of this Haki type now.

2. Armament: Defence
This type of Haki is stronger than the former and is of a higher level. Charlotte Katakuri was seen using it against Luffy. Even in Gear 4, Katakuri’s Haki was superior to Luffy’s which was evident from the fact that Luffy was hurt when they clashed fists.

1. Advanced Ryuuou
This type of Ryuuou is extremely rare and can be used by only some people. So far, only Rayleigh and Luffy have been seen using this ability. With its powers, one can channel Ryuuou directly into the body of another, and the destroy it from within. Both Luffy and Rayleigh used it to destroy the metal collar that is put on slaves and prisoners.

Do you agree with our list? Is there any other type of Armament Haki that we missed? Let us know in the comments section below!