A3! Season Autumn & Winter Episode 15 Recap and Details

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A3! Season Autumn & Winter

After their earlier fight that got stoped by Omi Juza and Setsu are on face-off and Setsu asked him why he is here. Juza replied that it is a meeting he has to be here and Setsu told him to move out of his site and go to the corner. Juza refuse to move and things were about to heat up, and Taichi breaks the fight. Sakyo showed up and told everyone to get started. Taichi asks what are they going to start and Sakyo said that he has an announcement regarding dorm rules. Sakoda showed them the list of the rules that they are going to follow.

Sakyo said each sub-troupe gets a total of twenty minutes to shower. Lights out at 10 p.m and he explained all the rules and how they are going to pay the loan. Isuke advises everyone to participate in the Fleur award to pay the loan. Fleur award is the greatest of all performance awards in Japan, granted to the most outstanding play of the year. Isako reveals that the prize money is ten million yen and if they manage to win it they can repay their loan at once.

A3! Season Autumn & Winter Episode 15 Recap

A3! Season Autumn and Winter Episode 15 will be released on Tuesday, 27 October 2020, at 12:00 AM JST. A new episode of A3! Season Autumn and Winter will be released every Tuesday. Watch this Anime officially on AnimeLab.Let’s take a look below at what this Anime has to offer for us.

A3! Season Autumn & Winter
A3! Season Autumn & Winter

Previously on A3! Season Autumn & Winter Episode 14

Sakyo replies that it is not easy to win that award. He reveals that the original troupe got nominated for it and he said they should also aim for it. Sakuma said that to make it happen they have to make sure Autumn Troupe’s play is a success. Later Izumi told them that they have to choose a new leader. Izuma suggested that Sakyo can lead everyone and Sakyo rejects saying that he is too old for potential. Sakyo said that the leadership position has to be given to someone who is younger.

Setsu raised his hand and said that he can lead since no one is stepping up. Juza look at Setsu that he raised the hand before he wanted to and Sakyo told  Setsu that he must understand the responsibilities of leadership. They both started training following on the steps of Setsu. Meanwhile, Sakyo tells Izumi that Setsu is by far the least passionate about acting. He asks Izumi if she is sure to make him a leader. Izumi replied that it will good for Setsu and it will change his life and the next day they went to school.

Sakyo remained at the dorm and Izumiaks him why he is not going to school. Sakyo replied that he is not feeling like it since the first two periods are Math and P.E. Izumi tried to talk with him and Itaru show up and talk about games that he has been defeated by NEO. Sestu reveals that he is NEO and Itaru challenges him to play with him again. Sometime later the crew wanted Juzo and Setsu to work things out so that they can be one team.

They handcuffed them and lock them inside the same room. They both started to understand each other and in the morning they take down the thief that stole the purse. After they are both uncuffed Setsu got back to his ways. He told Juza that he must stay 5 meters away from him and Juza ask how are they going to sleep since they share the same room. Setsu said that Juza will sleep on the sofa. Sakyo threatens them that if they continue with their rage he will cuff them again and they both calm down.

A3! Season Autumn & Winter Episode 15 Preview

This week A3! Season Autumn & Winter Episode 15 has to offer for us all of the above updates. Next week Tuesday we will be with the new latest update after the release of episode 15.

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