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Battlefield 5’s Chapter 5: War in the Pacific Will Be Releasing Very Soon

Battlefield 5 chapter 5: War On Pacific
Battlefield 5 (Credits: DICE)

Battlefield 5 release by on 20 November 2018 and developed by DICE. It was well-received by the critics and by the fans as well. There was some backlash from the fans as the game wasn’t historically accurate. But after all those times, things have cooled down and the game has released many updates. Now, there is another update on its way to Battlefield 5 and it was confirmed by the developers themselves.

Battlefield 5 is getting closer and closer to its release of new updates and there isn’t much revealed about it. But the company, DICE, has announced that the free seasonal content of Battleground 5 will be called Chapter 5: War in the Pacific. Moreover, it will be getting a new reveal trailer for it on 23rd October. This was first teased by EA Play which was during the E3 earlier this year.

New Weapons And Maps Are Coming

Moreover, we even got a new teaser-for-a-trailer is our second glimpse of Battlefield 5’s take on the Pacific so far. The updated road map for Battlefield 5 shows specifically what things will be coming with Chapter 5 season. In that, it was told that before the end of 2020, Battlefield 5 will receive three new maps which include Iwo Jima, the U.S., and Japan as factions for the much-awaited Pacific theater, and also a selection of new weapons and vehicles that includes boats, naturally.

Battlefield 5 new content

Battlefield 5 (Credits: DICE)

It hasn’t been told on what all of the content of chapter 5 will focus on the Pacific Theater. This update will be quite interesting as this the first time developers have done something like because usually they solely on European and North African. There are going to be new weapons when this content hits and I am curious what new weapons we will get used in chapter 5.