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Mario Kart Tour’s Halloween Update Adds Four Characters To The Game

Mario Kart Tour
Mario Kart Tour (Credits: Nintendo)

Nintendo has officially revealed that a new update will be coming for Mario Kart Tour. With this update, new characters, as well as new maps, will be arriving too. The Holloween content will be available for only two weeks and it will start from 22 October at 11 pm which is a Tuesday. Moreover, with this Halloween update arriving, there are going to be three more characters coming with it.

Mario Kart Tour New Character List

These three characters will be Luigi, Waluigi and King Boo. All three will have different unique skills like Waluigi having an “offense-oriented special skill” and King Boo using a “special skill that’s surely fit for a king.” Nintendo did not specify Luigi’s special skill, but it seems he is exceptionally skilled at losing his keys. This news was announced on Twitter by the official Mario Kart Tour.

Mario Kart Tour Halloween Update

Mario Kart Tour (Credits: Nintendo)

The tweet reads “After losing his keys and getting lost on his way to the course, the mustachioed man in green, Luigi, is finally ready to join the race in #MarioKartTour! #LuigiKartTour.” Along with characters, there are going to be new maps coming which is called Luigi’s Mansion course which is from¬†Mario Kart DS. Moreover, the Waluigi Pinball course will be playable once the game’s Halloween event goes live.

This was also revealed through a tweet that reads “In the dead of night, the roar of engines breaks the eerie silence…and the race is on! In the next tour, the Luigi’s Mansion course from the Mario Kart DS game rises from its grave! Haunted houses aren’t so scary when you race right through them! #MarioKartTour.” The most recent event of the game took the player to Tokyo and in that update, they revealed new characters as well as maps too.

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