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Shonen’s Moon Land Manga Ends in November

‘Moon Land’ manga is reportedly ending in the next month. The author of the series, Sai Yamagishi, announced on his Twitter handle that he is ending the series in the next 3 chapters, including this week’s chapter. He told the fans that he has already finished the script for the final chapter, and he looks forward to the fan response.

Yamagishi started this manga in December 2018 on the Shonen Jump + platform, and seven volumes for the manga are on sale right now. The final two volumes will release in November and December, respectively.  The manga has published 77 chapters to date, and it is evident that the 79th chapter will be the last one for the manga.

This manga got reasonable popularity as people loved the artistic theme of the mangaka. Yamagishi made a great effort in depicting the gymnastics industry in his still manga panel. He succeeded in making it visually attractive and informative for people unfamiliar with this sport. You can read the whole manga in English at the Manga Plus Site by Shueisha.

Moon land is about a young middle school boy named Mitsuki Amahara. He has trained his body to be flexible and mobile and performs gymnastics on his own. In the last year of middle school, Mitsuki decides to compete in the gymnastics tournament, where he is beaten by a far-better athlete. After this, Mitsuki vows to train harder and learn more about it to become a better Gymnast.

Throughout the series, our main character remains Mitsuki, who trains harder as the opponents get tougher along the way. In the latest chapter of Moon Land, Mitsuki is about to give his final performance on the biggest stage. He is grown a lot since he started the training, and now it is his time to shine. Mitsuki was always belittled by his rival Sakura since the start, but the tables have turned as it did not take Mitsuki long to become a proper gymnast. 

Mitsuki was an introverted kid with very little social life. He decided to take gymnastics and practiced the different techniques until his inner talent became apparent to everyone. He was taken to the biggest competition for gymnastics in the country. His competitors also improved, but Mitsuki got to such a level that he even surpassed Sakura in the end. 

Gymnastics is an elegant sport. It requires practice and stamina to perform the feats required to score the highest in the crowd. This manga depicts the sport beautifully while keeping a competitive tension involved in the tournaments. Yamagishi stayed true to the theme and kept everything accurate while depicting the incredible moves in the stills of his manga panels. His success with the manga was well deserved, and it is unfortunate that he cannot continue it further.