The Gymnastics Samurai Episode 4 Latest Development

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The Gymnastics Samurai

Jotaro has decided to come back out of retirement after convincing his coach that he can still do it. The next day he met with a superstar gymnastic who told him that he is an embarrassment to gymnastics. Joatora has spent more years without winning a trophy due to injury and his body was tired because he couldn’t get enough time to rest. Joatora tries to remember the name of the superstar who is in front of him and he said he is Kitano.

Jotaro’s coach Noriyuki said ”Idiot he is Minamino” and he asks why Minamino is here. Minamino showed them a book and they read super popular Tama-chan on the Tama river. Minamino yells at them since they read where he is not showing them and then they read about fake retirement Samurai. Noriyuki read that former Olympic medalist tricks the world with a fake retirement press conference. What will Samurai who shakes up the gymnastics world show us next,? all eyes on him.

The Gymnastics Samurai Episode 4 Recap

The Gymnastics Samurai Episode 4 will be released on Sunday, 1 November 2020, at 1:30 AM JST. This Anime will releases a new episode every Sunday. Watch this Anime officially on AnimeLab. Let’s move on to the latest updates of this Anime below.

The Gymnastics Samurai
The Gymnastics Samurai

Previously on The Gymnastics Samurai Episode 3

Minamino tears the book out of anger and said old man ”I will perform your last rites for you.”Minamino challenges Jotaro on a match and said if Jotaro loses he will quit gymnastics for real this time. Leo shows up and said Jotaro will accept the match and Minamino asks who is this guy. Leo said that he is Leo the ninja and Noriyuki said he will get his match. Noriyuki said that they will do the match in a month and a half since Jotaro is injured now he can’t perform.

Minamino told Jotaro that he must give him everything he’s got. Later Joatora watches Minaminos performances from his last year’s nationals. Noriyuki explains every movement that Minamonino was doing to Jotaro. Joitaro promises his coach that he will do it and Noriyuki said the training will start tomorrow. In the evening Joatora’s daughter Rei prepares a table full of delicious food including a cake. Reis is happy that her father has escaped unemployment since he was retiring but he snaps out of it.

They both enjoy eating food together celebrating and Leo said that Jotaroi has bid farewell to his jobless days once and for all. Rei reveals that grandmother was happy about it and Jotaro is wondering who told her and they enjoy their night. The next day Jotaro begins with his training and he trained every day. One day he went training with his Rei who got impressed by her father’s performance. Minamino is there training and Joataro prases him, Minamino reminds him that he still has to quit when he loses.

They both show their great performance and Jotaro loses. Leo and Noriyuki beg Minamino to let Jotaro perform again since he showed a great performance but he loses. Minamino took his bag and left while leaving Jotaro tells him that they will meet in the next competition. Minamino raises his head and left.

The Gymnastics Samurai Episode 4 Preview

The updates of the upcoming episode after this one, they will be available after episode 4 is released. For today that is where we end with all of those updates.

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