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Himitsu Kessha Taka no Tsume: Golden Spell Episode 6 New Details

Himitsu Kessha Taka no Tsume Golden Spell

The thugs have hijacked a bus and the guy told the bus driver not to slow down. The thugs receive a call from Yoshida who said he is from DX Fighters. Yoshida told the thug to look to his right and he will see the Mt.Fuji, the tallest mountain in Japan. The thug asks if he is a tour guide and he apologizes telling him he means to the left.  At the left, he will see the fate line and the thug ask if he is a palm reader. Yoshida replies yes and said the thug is about to meet his fate.

Suddenly a giant robot picks up the bus and saves the hostage inside the bus. The DX fighters started to become popular picking up and tearing apart criminals. Yoshida’s crew has changed their crew’s name from Eagle Talong to DX Fighter ever since DX has taken their name and their costume. Instead of conquering the world, the crew is now saving the world from the villains and the Japanese honored the crew. The Queen of the Kingdom of Gluten is holding a banquet and the DX faster is her bodyguard.

Himitsu Kessha Taka no Tsume: Golden Spell Episode 6 Recap

Himitsu Kessha Taka no Tsume: Golden Spell Episode 6 will be released on Monday, 9 November 2020, at 1:00 AM JST. The new episode of this Anime will be released every Monday. You can officially watch this Anime on Crunchyroll. Take a look at the recap and preview below.

Himitsu Kessha Taka no Tsume Golden Spell

Himitsu Kessha Taka no Tsume Golden Spell

Previously on Himitsu Kessha Taka no Tsume: Golden Spell Episode 5

DX fighter is also there with Yoshida’s crew to make sure that the Queen is safe. Satou notices that the crew is petting their focus on the food instead of the Queen and he told them not to let their guard down. Yoshida is looking for the villain called Jajackal and he can’t tell who Jajackal is since there are many people. DX said that he should have taken the job himself to arrest Jajackal since the crew’s eyes are looking at food. While the DX Fighters are talking about the banquet the head of security came and questions them.

The guy said he is Arial and DX said if he has come to borrow his portable charger he can take it. Arial replies that he has not come here for that. He reveals that they have received word that the international terrorist Jajackal that he will target tonight’s banquet and they must protect the queen at any cost. Ariel reveals that Jajackal is a master of disguise he can change his height, weight, gender, and his middle graduation and smartphone. Yoshida said those last two words are not disguises and ask for Jajackal’s photo.

Ariel showed them a photo of when he was young. Satou said that if DX arrest the terrorist he will become the next prime minister and DX accepted the job. Later Leo noticed that they have affected by the complement spell that makes them take their clothes off. Yoshida thinks that it is not only Jajackal who is here and Sugar might also be here. Yoshida told DX not to let anyone compliment them so that they won’t fall for the spell. The compliment spell makes a person so excited and ends up taking off their clothes.

The crew falls for the trap set by Sugar who is hiding nearby. They end up getting compliments and started dancing with their clothes off. The Queen said that she is viewing the banquet as a national insult since the crew is taking off their clothe and dancing. While the Queen is leaving Jajackal show up with a bomb and Creep kid saw him. DX attacks him with DX Bomber and save the Queen. The Queen thanks DX for saving her life.

Himitsu Kessha Taka no Tsume: Golden Spell Episode 6 Preview

As of now, that is what episode 6 has revealed for us. For you to get more updates keep visiting it will be available as soon as a new episode is released.