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Terraria: Journey’s End, Final PC Update 1.4: update Delayed To 2020

Journey's End

Terraria is an action-adventure game developed by Re-Logic, and it came out in 2011, and after nearly 9 long years, the game’s last update is coming. The update is known as Journey’s End, and this will be the final update of the game.

We received a trailer for Journey’s End (Patch 1.4) during E3 2019, and the update was pushed back to late 2019. The developers behind the game now have announced that the game’s final update will be pushed back to 2020. There is a little too much unrest among the players because of the delay.

What is Terraria: Journey’s End update?

Terraria: Journey’s End will be released sometime in 2020, from what we know, it is likely to be released in Fall 2020, as many games are getting delayed because of Coronavirus. All the work for developers have shifted from home or halted, this is why the game is getting delayed, we will update you for the same when we have confirmed a update

Terraria: Journey’s End Trailer


In an official press release by Re-Logic revealed that they have some news to share this month, and it might be disappointing to some players, but they hope that the explanation and rationale will make sense. Re-Logic also stated that it was a tough call for them to push the Journey’s End update to 2020.

It looks like Journey’s End is going to a really big update to Terraria; as seen in the trailer, there will be new bosses, cosmetics, new master mode, and, most importantly, over a thousand new items will be added to the game. This is a pretty big update, and as this is their final update for the game, they want to get it right. They do not want to disappoint the fans.

Is Journey’s End Final Update of Terraria or Will There Be Update 1.5?

Terraria is getting updated regularly, and the developers have well supported the games and have provided players will a ton of free content throughout the years. It all ends here, the as Re-Logic studio stated that they would not update the game anymore, Journey’s End is going to be the final update.

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