Dragon Ball Super Broly ‘Easter Egg’ Reveals Ultra Instinct Goku

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Hey everyone! A lot of you guys have already watched Dragon Ball Super: Broly, but there are those who haven’t watched it yet, and because they’re hyped for it, they’re trying to find every interesting bit of information that they can find on the movie itself. Today, I’ll be talking about one of the lesser known things that happened in Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

Recently, lots of images started circulating on the internet that was from the movie, and it showed Ultra Instinct Goku. We reported a few months ago that Ultra Instinct Goku wasn’t going to be in the movie. So are these images fake? Well, no they’re not, and at the same time goes doesn’t really go Ultra Instinct in the movie.

Ultra Instinct Leaks

There is a scene where Goku is fighting against Broly, and he transforms from Super Saiyan God (supposedly) to Super Saiyan Blue. In the between these transformations, Goku actually manages to go Ultra Instinct for about a second or two, and then it is followed up by the Super Saiyan Blue transformation.

Some have been saying that Goku doesn’t go Ultra Instinct, it is just the transformation that’s drawn like that, but if you actually see the frames, it is clear that Goku has silver hair, silver eyes and the aura that we’ve seen surrounding him when he goes Ultra Instinct. Geekdom101 and others have already talked about this, and they’re certain that the transformation was indeed Ultra Instinct. Unfortunately, Goku didn’t maintain this form.

We will keep you posted with more news and updates related to Dragon Ball Super.

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