Wataru Momose’s New Manga To Premiere in Jump+

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Romantic Killer
Romantic Killer; Credit: Netflix

A much-awaited, comedic manga series Boku to Jingi Naki Ojisan, (or Me and the Old Man Without Honor and Humanity), will be published by Wataru Momose. Indeed, he is the brilliant mind behind Romantic Killer.

The information, along with the title and release date, were all announced in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump+ 52nd issue. Every week on Saturdays, the manga will be updated. The only information currently available regarding the new comedy manga is that new chapters will be released every Saturday beginning on December 3. This manga will be accessible only on Shonen Jump+, a portal owned by Shueisha.

Boku to Jingi Naki Ojisan
Boku to Jingi Naki Ojisan; Credits: Twitter

The Plot Of Boku to Jingi Naki Ojisan

Boku to Jingi Naki Ojisan has the appearance of a comic manga with subtle noir overtones, and the two main characters are a man who is both fascinating and enigmatic and a model student. The main character of Momose’s new comedy manga is a young student named Yto. When one man named Aoi, who resides on the level above, approaches Yto, he is house-sitting. Aoi appears to be cool, but she has a shocking secret.

Wataru Momose: Romantic Killer

In July 2019, the popular manga author Wataru Momose published Romantic Killer in Shonen Jump+. The end of the manga was in June 2020. In September 2020, Shueisha published the fourth and last compilation volume. Viz Media is the publisher of the manga in English.

An anime series that debuted on Netflix on the 27th of October was influenced by this manga. The Studio Domerica-produced anime is written by Sayuri ba & Hiroko Fukuda and directed by the accomplished Kazuya Ichikawa. Tomoyuki Kono is the actual composer of the music.

Romantic Killer Anime
Romantic Killer Anime; Credits: YouTube

In Romantic Killer, a student in high school named Anzu Hoshino plays the lead role. She suddenly finds herself in the middle of every shojo heroine’s worst disaster: being chased romantically by the famous guy in school. Anzu’s life is turned around when a fairy named Riri, who has no desire for love whatsoever, decides to play cupid. Anzu must confront her courtship head-on if she wants to get back to the contented single life that she has always loved.

Even though the idea is absurd, something is appealing about a shojo girl who has no interest in love. A scheme to raise the population of humans, one young heart at a time, was developed from a magical world, according to additional story information. The fairy Riri says that Anzu is the perfect choice for this test because she detests romance.

Romantic Killer
Romantic Killer: Credits: Crunchyroll

The initial manga was originally released as a lateral scrolling story on websites like LINE Manga Indies, but after gaining a sizable following, a formal serialization was released on Shueisha’s Jump+ app in the year 2019. It received a lot of praise and even took home the 2nd Jump Vertical Scroll Manga Award. Ever since, the manga’s following in Japan has progressively grown.

There isn’t a sizable fanbase in the US because Viz Media, a publishing business, has recently secured the rights to adapt the manga into English and release the story there. But it doesn’t imply that there weren’t readers and fans who are excited to see this series.

The anime offers a lot to look forward to, even without the bizarre premise. Lovers of the anime rendition of The World Ends With You will recognize the director, Kazuya Ichikawa, and the animation studio, Domenica, behind this project. The production crew also includes Hiroko Fukuda, whose two most notable works as an anime screenplay are Noragami and Teasing Master Tagagi-san. The teaser trailer plays the opening theme, which was performed by Yurika and written by Ryou Kawasaki.

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