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Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 252: Spoilers

Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 252 update and Spoilers

This article will be talking about Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 252 Spoilers. In order to get a clear understanding, let us first discuss what happened in the latest chapter, Chapter 251 and Chapter 251.5, which was released earlier this week. The battle in the snowy mountains continues, while Nie Li was under attack from an avalanche monster. The monster was surprised to see him use the laws of light and darkness as he mentioned that it would take hundreds of millennia to master it. Nie Li was a little bit struggling to keep up with the monster as Yu Yan backed him up. With his allies all nearby, Nie Li used the soul array to increase his powers by nine times.

Meanwhile, Nie Li’s allies just stood by as they realized that they would only get in Nie Li’s way. The monster then transformed into its original form, which is even more powerful as it recovered from Yu Yan’s attacks, mentioning that it is done playing around with them. IT then grabbed Yu Yan in its hand, freezing her in the process as it mentioned that she wouldn’t escape this time. Nie Li tried to rescue her to no avail as the monster was very powerful, and none of his attacks even made a scratch on the monster. The next Chapter will reveal how this will lead up to as Nie Li and Yu Yan are caught in this situation that seems to be inescapable.

The story centers around Nie Li, who ranks high amongst the strongest Demons Spirits in his past life within the martial world. When he lost his life during his battle with Sage Emperor, and the six deities ranked beasts, he was reborn back in time when he was 13 years old. As he became the weakest in his class and had the lowest talent at only the Red soul realm, he used the knowledge he acquired in his past life to train faster than anyone. He then aimed to protect the city from the coming future where he was assaulted and destroyed and also to protect everyone he failed in his past life.

Where To Read Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 252 Online?

The manga is released approximately every 3-4 days, and this might vary depending on the website publishing the Manga. Chapter 251 had to parts to it released throughout the past week. Chapter 251 was released on the 30th of November 2019, and 251.5 was released on the second of December. So Chapter 256 could be released on the 6th, if not the 5th of December.

You can check MangaRock as theythe chapter frequently, once we have confirmed an official release we willthis post for the same.