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Wanda Vision – Marvel Studios Restricted Showrunner From Using Characters From The Comics!

Wanda Vision - Marvel Studios Restricted Showrunner From Using Certain Characters From The Comics!

Marvel’s Disney Plus series Wanda Vision has officially brought Marvel Studios back into their mainstream kingdom. The show grows in rating episode by episode and takes the studio closer towards its throne to reclaim the mainstream media’s top spot. The show, which is has brought Marvel towards a unique spot with its sitcom-like setting, has also brought a few of the Marvel Cinematic Universe characters back into the frame, which ranges from Captain Marvel’s Monica Rambeau to Thor trilogy’s Darcy Lewis, along with the introduction of the soon to be revealed SWORD which is one or less much like SHIELD who look after the threats from the space.

Marvel Characters returning or crossing over in another project is more like a thing that we are used to now because they are all under one umbrella of the universe, and these things are bound to happen for entertainment and even story to make the most out of it.

As Darcy Lewis and Monica Rambeau are one of those who have returned to Marvel Cinematic Universe with the ongoing Wanda Vision, showrunner Jac Schaeffer recently talked about how Marvel Studios gave her full freedom while working on the series but for certain characters and aspect had some restrictions. Here we are breaking down everything Jac Shaeffer had to say about it.

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Jac Shaeffer On Marvel’s Restrictions On Certain Characters

The showrunner of Marvel’s Disney Plus series Wanda Vision, Jac Shaeffer, recently sat on an interview with TV’s Top 4 podcast and shared how her creation of the sitcom universe of Wanda Vision came true. On the same podcast, Jac Shaeffer revealed how Marvel gave her an enormous amount of freedom. She was experimenting while also restricting her from using some of the Marvel characters she wanted to include in some of her Marvel projects. Jac Shaeffer revealed how she acknowledges that Marvel exists in the space of interconnected stories falling under the same roof. She has interacted with different directors, writers, and producers of different Marvel movies who are extraordinary and felt like she is just an important piece of a larger puzzle.

Wanda Vision - Marvel Studios Restricted Showrunner From Using Certain Characters From The Comics!

The thing about it is, Shaeffer quoted that there are times when she wanted to use a certain Marvel character from the comics or another project in some storyline and pitched it, but then she got a “No” since the studios have planned to use it somewhere else. Shaeffer noted that this occasionally is frustrating, but there is always a different character and different storyline which you can fit in with and make everything work.

Shaeffer further talked about how she has worked on original projects before and how she has always been given an enormous amount of freedom insider her own prescribed sandbox, and that’s the way she likes to work. Shaffer further stated that she thinks Kevin Feige, the President of Marvel, and other executives do have a vision for everything as they want their every property to stand on its own feet, and that’s always been the priority, and that’s what Shaffer and her team were striving for and made sure that Wanda Vision exists on its own while also having pieces interconnected with other projects.

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Jac Shaeffer On Characters She Was Allowed To Use In For Wanda Vision

Jac Shaeffer was further asked about the characters she was allowed to use from the Marvel Cinematic Universe for Wanda Vision. She revealed that Randall Park’s Jimmy Woo, who previously appeared in Ant-Man and The Wasp and Kat Dennings’ Darcy Lewis from Thor trilogy, were suggested from Marvel she was 100% sure to rope them in.

Wanda Vision - Marvel Studios Restricted Showrunner From Using Certain Characters From The Comics!

Shaeffer quoted that Randall and Kat were like 100% yes when Marvel Studios suggested her to use them and revealed that’s things she has seen on the other Marvel properties stating that Marvel has an idea for every different character in a different storyline and that doesn’t necessarily work out every time though. Most of the Marvel stables show once they get a call because they are equally excited, but at the end of the day, it starts with an idea which Marvel studios see if it works.

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Well, that’s something we got to know today. Still, yes, there are some restrictions on Marvel Studios’ Marvel characters, which has always been since the beginning when some characters were under Fox or Sony. Still, Marvel has been able to bring the best out of its even if they have to replace the character with some other character or change the whole storyline.

Wanda Vision - Marvel Studios Restricted Showrunner From Using Certain Characters From The Comics!

From Jac Shaeffer’s statements, everyone can agree that Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige do have a vision for what they are aiming at in the future and that so far has worked brilliantly and successfully. So that’s something we don’t have to worry about. But yes, we want to know all the characters that Jac Shaeffer originally wanted to feature in her projects, since that’s what intrigues us more.

Still, everything works out in the end, and we believe whomever Jac Shaeffer was aiming for to bring into her Marvel projects might appear one day or another, as Marvel is just expanding its horizon of a shared universe with an abundant number of characters, including the recently acquired Fox and Sony characters. Also, note, Marvel is on its verge of introducing a multiverse, so a lot is coming to bring in more characters. Anyway, we will keep you updating everything related to Multiverse in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so stay tuned to Otakukart News.

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