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Life Below Zero Season 13 Plot, Cast, and Trailer

Life Below Zero Season 13
Life Below Zero Season 13

Life Below Zero is an enthralling documentary television series which is premiered on National Geographic. The series demonstrates the daily and seasonal activities of subsistence hunters as they make their living in the remote parts of Alaska. The series is produced by BBC Worldwide and has been awarded the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Cinematography for a Reality program.

The executive producer of the series includes Travis Shakespeare, Brad Carper, Kevin Tao Mohs, and Rob Pollard. It follows and covers the everyday lives of the rank and file who live below zero conditions. These Alaskans and truly the real superheroes- they struggle, they hunt and depend on their own skills and abilities to survive in the coldest wild of the wild.

The series has run twelve overwhelming seasons attracting everyone’s minds and hearts. It has earned outstanding 8/10 ratings on IMDb and 94% ratings from Google Users. A true survival docu-series, Life Below Zero, has too large a fan base to be discontinued in the near future.

When is Life Below Zero Season 13 update?

The Life Below Zero is expected to release on National Geographic around June 2020. We will keep you posted with the latest developments.

What is Life Below Zero Season 13 Trailer?

The trailer of Life Below Season 13 is still awaited. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the preview of the whole series here-

What is Life Below Zero Season 13 Plot?

The series showcases people living in remote areas of Alaska and their daily struggles in below zero degree temperatures. They explain the various techniques through which they manage the daily chores, hunt down food, and live the game of survival. They use the bare resources at their disposal and win the battle against death every day.

The show closely follows seven people as they battle against the bare and cold in the state, which has the lowest population density in the United States. They amass and preserve necessities they need to make their both ends meet and keep the oil in the lamp of their heart burning.

The hunters prepare for harsh Alaskan winters and prevent themselves from being hunted in the wild. They help us show how each moment of life is a struggle, but nonetheless, it is worth living.

The supporting crew of the series is also handed with a challenging task at hand. They are forced to move along the main cast in deep ice along with cameras and heavy pieces of equipment for that one perfect shot at the right time.

The hunters of the show are not only given the task to survive alone. They need to help their family to survive, raise their kids, protect them from possible dangers but also teach them how to lead their life on their own terms.

Every project comes with its own difficulties. The series, presently under discussion, is no exception. The show had to suffer from a cold lawsuit filed by one of the cast member Susan Aikens who accused the creators of deliberately endangering her life. Her complaint contained the details as to how she was forced to camp in an unknown spot and use the snow machine when she didn’t want to.  She was thrown off into the overflow and suffered injuries. She was also not allowed to take her pet dog to guide her amidst the rough terrains.

On the other way round, sometimes the crew has to deal with reality stars who are stubborn and arrogant. However, life in Alaska has to go on, and so is our show in focus for an eternal period of time in the future.

Who is Life Below Zero Season 13 Cast?

The lead cast crew of the series includes Sue Aikins, a fifty-four-year woman whose motto in life is ‘If it hurts, don’t think about it.’ She is the only resident of Kavik River Camp in Northern Alaska, located 197 miles north of Arctic Circle.

The show also features a couple in the form of Chip and Agnes Hailstone, who lives with seven children on Kosuke river in Norvik, located 19 miles north of the Arctic circle. Chip lived in Kalispell, Montana, before moving to Alaska, while Agnes is always a native Alaskan who was born and brought up in the cold terrains itself. She has family ties to the land, which is her native and sacred knowledge at her disposal, which has been passed down from generations.

Other characters of the crew include Glenn Villeneuve, who lives alone in Chandalar 200 miles north of Fairbanks, Alaska. He has migrated from Belmont as early as 1999. Next comes Jessie Holmes, who is a fisherman, hunter, and a dog sled racer. He lives alone in Nenana, Alaska, along with forty sled dogs.