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Borderlands 3 Rumors: Unannounced 2K Game Is Set To Release In 2020

Borderlands 3

Fans have been wanting to know when they can get their hands on Borderlands 3 but, Gearbox hasn’t dropped any recent hints about the possibility of a new game. They have been keen on checking ideas of the game. The publisher Take-Two has also suggested that they are looking to release a major title.

A lot of people have been clinging on to statements by Zelnick. But, if we consider that the game was never named specifically then it is very likely that Zelnick could be referring to some other game. Borderlands remains a strong contender for Take-Two’s plans. We can expect some news to come out soon if they are intent on releasing the game in late 2019 or early 2020.

The posters of the game on Reddit reveal that the game could be out soon. Many reports claim that the game might be revealed as early as spring 2019. There haven’t been any recent hints about the release of the game lately. But, this doesn’t mean that fans are going to give up.

However, we have recently seen Gearbox’s official tweet about a new announcement, which nearly says nothing but still it has created a lot of buzz. The tweet is linked below which says “March 28” and some random words. However, this is something that the fans were waiting for, as this could be the day when Gearbox could announce Borderlands 3, as fans have been playing the second edition since five years. Fans want new Borderlands game and this looks like we are going to get exactly the same soon!

Now if we talk about the setting of the new game, many of us will be hoping that it won’t be Pandora again. It will make the game mundane location wise. It is expected that we might get to see a new island named Promethea. We know that Atlas Corporation first began using the Eridian technology on Promethea.

Also, Promethea houses the first Vault which was discovered by Atlas, which caused the onset of hordes of hunters and rival corporations. I must say a lot of clues do point towards Promethea’s importance and it is plausible to assume that Promethea might actually provide the setting for the new game. The game can become yet another classic if done properly. However, the staff will have to work hard if they really want to ensure success. that a secretive new project from 2K Games is still slated to arrive before the end of March 2020.

According to Take-Two, a secretive new project from 2K Games is slated to release before the end of March 2020. As the rumors go, the game is Borderlands 3. We will make most likely get anregarding the game during E3 2019. Besides that, We do not have any confirmation that the game is going to be Borderlands 3, but we will keep you posted.

Updated on March 29, 2019:
As Borderlands prepares for its first numbered game in years, it is time we get more details on the game now and recently, we got a juicy trailer with lots of details in it. If you haven’t watched it already, you can do so down below:

Just by looking at it, you can tell that Borderlands 3 is very promising. The game looks to be a vibrant shooter for up to 4 players. The mechanics are more or less similar, but there do seem to be lots of additions made here and there. What’s more, we’re expecting more information on the game soon. We’re told further details will be revealed on April 2, 2019. So, stay tuned to Otakukart.