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[FULL SPOILERS] One Piece 976 Spoilers (Real): Jinbei’s Return, Kanjuro and Momonosuke Situation

One Piece 976 Spoilers
One Piece 976 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 976 is making its return after two long weeks which felt like forever. We have spoilers coming out for One Piece 976, and we would like to let you know in advance that this is actual spoilers for One Piece manga.

The upcoming chapter is going to be revealing a lot of interesting details and will be answering some of the unanswered questions. One of those being Jinbei and his fate after the encounter with Big Mom pirates; in this chapter, we will see Jinbei return, and what more is that he will be introduced as an official Strawhats member.

Jinbei is introduced as a Helmsman of the Strawhat Pirates. While on the other hand, we have more updates on Kanuro and Momonosuke situation but it has not been translated yet. The remaining Beast Pirates battleship is attacking the alliance, but the ship is suddenly destroyed by big water spear, and that is how Jinbei’s return is revealed!

  • In the Color Spread “The Tontattas’ Tribe helps Mugiwara Crew makes shoes.
  • Inuarashi: Spill the beans Kin’emon!
  • Kawamastu: Everything ended up alright in the end, so I won’t get angry, so say it!
  • Kin’emon: Stop that!
  • Raizou: You honestly thought that it was Tokage port didn’t you?
  • Kin’emon: Stop it already!!
  • Kin’emon: I might actually die in this battle today. I feel like I’ve just used up a life’s worth of luck.
  • Ashura: But all our luck also got used up because our hearts are one with you.
  • Kiku: That’s right! Kin~sama
  • Kiku: When you die, I won’t allow you to die alone

Update 1

  • Inuarashi: We are Samurai that served under Oden-sama together
  • Ashura: We were all born and brought up in different places but when you die, know that we die together
  • Kin’emon: Hearing that from you shabby guys doesn’t make me happy at all.
  • Kyoushiro: Let’s raise our blades (in triumph?) Kin-san. We’ve already won the first battle of preparation.
  • Kin’emon: Let’s accept this fate together and dispel all of the regrets that was left behind by Oden~sama.
  • All the Samurai: Yea!!!! Kin’emon~dono, we will definitely change Wano!!!
  • Beast Pirates: Those are some insane numbers~!
  • Beast Pirates: Prepare the cannons!!
  • Beast Pirates: Doesn’t matter how many they are, we have a battleship on our side and the other side are just ferry boats
  • Kanjuro: “I have to report this… ” “I’ve accomplished my mission” “I only have one more thing to do now”
  • Beast Pirates: Have you already got in touch with Onigashima?!
  • Beast Pirates: I did but there’s no answer. There are probably all just absorbed in the excitement of the feast.

Update 2

*Kawamatsu crosses the sea and then attacks Kanjuro*

  • Kin’emon: Kawamatsu!
  • Kawamatsu: I won’t let you have momonosuke~sama
  • Kanjuro: I’ll drag you along with me as well you fish-man basta*d
  • Kanjuro: The Kozuki clan has already met it’s end

Update 3

*Kanjuro summons a bird that looks like a crane*

  • Momonosuke: Kawamatsu!!
  • Kawamatsu: Momonosuke~sama!
  • Kanjuro: I’ll also hunt Hiyori down and put an end to her
  • Kanjuro: I now know that she’s alive after all
  • Pissed Kawamatsu: ……!!

Update 4

  • Kin’emon: Damn I’m pissed! To think you could draw a bird that can fly so elegantly
  • Kin’emon: We’ve never seen you draw a bird that wasn’t ugly and dripping with water before
  • Kin’emon: Farewell you lot!
  • Momonosuke: Gyaaa! It’s high! I’m scared!
  • Kanjuro: Regardless, at any rate, the likes of you lot won’t be a match for Kaidou~sama’s army.
  • Kanjuro: You won’t even be able to get into Onigashima *kakaka*
  • Momosuke: Please let me down~!
  • Momonosuke: It’s scary! someone please~!
  • Luffy: Oi~! where are you going? Kanjuro! Momo!
  • Yakuza: Whoa! Momonosuke~sama got…***
  • Yakuza: Return Momonosuke~sama to us at once~!
  • Sanji: It’s okay if I assume Kanjuro is the spy right? Robin~chan

Update 5

*Sanji sets off to the skies using his Moon Walk*

  • Robin: Seems like it. We have to save him.
  • Chopper: Luffy~They are saying Kanjuro was the spy!! Momo will get taken away!
  • Luffy: What?!
  • Luffy: Is that true?! Since the very beginning?!
  • Luffy: That bastard~
  • Usopp: I’ll shoot him down
  • Sanji: Huh! What the hell is this cloud?
  • Kin’emon: Don’t go after him Sanj~dono, pull back!

Update 6

  • Kin’emon: I have a bad feeling about that cloud
  • Kanjuro: “Sumi~gumo” (Ink Cloud)
  • Kanjuro: “Illustration of evening showers of the fleeting world'”!!!
  • Kin’emon: It’s probably another of his techniques that we’ve never seen before again
  • Kanjuro: Rain down on them! Ink Arrows!
  • Samurai: Waaa!!! Turn/Move the ship!!!
  • Momonosuke: Please I beg you, stop it Kanjuro, everyone will die
  • Kanjuro: That’s exactly right. Everyone will die at long last and with your father Oden…
  • Kanjuro: Your mother Toki dangled hope in front of their eyes and extended their time of death by 20 years.
  • Kanjuro: However, the general of those hardy samurai is…an empty coward of a kid that is scared of heights.

Update 7

  • Kanjuro: Kakaka…it’s something worth laughing at
  • Momonosuke: I’m the one that most understands the (painful?) reality that I am not Kozuki Oden.
  • Momonosuke: More so than anyone else
  • Momonosuke: Everyone, can you hear me!
  • Samurai: Momonosuke~sama?!
  • Momonsouke: Everyone, don’t worry about me! That is exactly what the enemy wants!
  • Momonosuke: I will escape this predicament by myself, so I’d like everyone to defeat Kaidou and Orochi and protect Wano Country.
  • Momomosuke: *Internal Dialogue Start* (What do I do…It’s impossible for me…)
  • Momonosuke: (With this, no one will come save me…but…)
  • Samurai: *Overwhelmed* Such divine words from one so young…Momonosuke~sama!
  • Luffy: To think some like you just said that. You just showed me a very manly side
  • Luffy: Yes that’s right Momo! You’re just a stupid kid that scares easy! You’re just a top~not wearing chibi that is putting up a front!
  • Samurai: Who is that bastard?! Hack him down to pieces!
  • Luffy: Find a way to survive somehow. I’ll definitely go to save you! We’re friends after all!

Update 8

  • *Momo balls is eyes out and nods his head several times*
  • Luffy: Let’s go! Onward to Onigashima!
  • Franky & Usopp: Yea!!! (puck note: probably balling their eyes out as well…lolz)
  • Franky: One of the ships is running away
  • Luffy: Doesn’t matter, we are going the same way regardless
  • Kin’emon: Is everyone alright?
  • Samurai: We have a few injured and some ships that have become unusable. Let’s hurry and disembark on the island. I can’t think of dying on the sea as anything but regret.
  • Shinobu: Sorry Kin~sama. I was with him but…
  • Kin’emon: More than anything else, I’m glad that you are unharmed
  • Kin’emon: I presume that Momonosuke as well won’t get his life taken so soon.
  • Raizou: You! What happened to your face?!
  • Kyoushiro: A lot happened. I’m glad I’m able to meet you all
  • The enemy’s battleship retreats to a reasonable distance away from the SHs and then uses the long-range canons they prepared to shoot them down but Jinbe’s spear wave attack opens up a hole in the enemy’s battleship and renders their long-range cannon useless. Jinbe has returned back to the SHs as their helmsman~!

Thanks to u/brikskohuh for the spoilers!

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