Zero Chronicle Episode 3: update Production, and Spoilers

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Zero Chronicle Episode 3

The most popular video game, White Cat Project: Zero Chronicle, came back for the Spring 2020 anime adaptation list and has already released two episodes so far. The game quickly made it to the top-selling in Japan and is now being adapted for its first season as an Anime TV series. So in this post, we are going to talk about Zero Chronicle Episode 3 spoilers. Note that this post might contain spoilers for the upcoming Zero Chronicles episodes, so you might want to proceed with caution.

When is Zero Chronicle Episode 3 update?

Zero Chronicle Episode 3 will be released on Monday, 20 April 2020, at 10:00 PM JST. Note that the time is in Japanese standard time, so you might want to convert it to your local time if you want to get the episode immediately after its release.

Zero Chronicle Episode 3
Zero Chronicle Episode 3

The anime is being handled by the White Cat project and they have released its summary as follows:

Zero Chronicle Summary

A long time ago, there is an ancient legend revolving around two figures, what white Maiden of the Sky, who is represented by the White Cat. And the Black Prince of the Darkness, who is represented by the Black Cat. A war broke out between the demons and the guardians of light, and the demons were led by the Black King of Darkness attacking the lands in the sky. The Black Prince, however, despite the wishes of the Black King, defied his orders and fell in love with the White Maiden, in hopes that their union would end the war. Both were not meant to meet and love each other as the war-ravaged the world around the land and the skies.

Several millennia after the war, in a world consisting of numerous isles, a young hero from the Astora Isle encounters the adventurer Kyle. He follows him on an expedition on the isle. They met a mysterious girl named Iris and a talking white cat named Catra, and together they make their way to the isle’s ruins, where they find a flying island.

Kyle was consumed by darkness there, and the party resolves to travel to the ends of the world on the flying island to find the seven “Great Runes,” following Kyle’s words before he disappeared. Upon their adventures towards finding the Runes, both the hero and Iris start to figure out what had happened, meeting friends and enemies and discovering their true identities. Check out the preview for Zero Chronicles Episode 3 below:

Zero Chronicle Episode 3 Preview

For now, that is what the preview for Zero Chronicle Episode 3 has revealed. The next episode will be airing on Monday, so it won’t be long before we see how things will go on from here. In the meantime, you can check other popular anime on our site as we always strive to bring you the latest news to date. As soon as the episode airs, we will also be bringing you updates, so make sure to look for new content more frequently.

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