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Star Wars: Vader Immortal – Trailer, And Updates

Star Wars: Vader Immortal update

It’s been quite a while since ILMxLAB revealed that they were working on a virtual reality game with Darth Vader as the main character in it. Fans had since then been waiting patiently for more news on the game to follow, but had little to no luck, until recently. After years, we now have news on the VR game called Star Wars: Vader Immortal. If you’re one of those fans and you’re here for information on this game, we’ll waste no time and get straight to the point. So, let’s begin.

So, what do we know about this game’s story so far? Here’s everything you need to know:
The game is said to be based between the story of Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. Vader has brought a mystery person to his lair, and there, he has Dr. Evil waiting for him. He says that he has a purpose for him, but what exactly that purpose is, we don’t know.

It is also implied that the person who was brought into the lair has some valuable piece of information because Vader has some interrogation droids with him. At the same time, we see a lightsaber duel at the end of the trailer, which implies that the mysterious person could well be one of the Jedi who survived Order 66.

Things look very exciting as head closer to the release of the game. If you haven’t watched the trailers for the game, you can do so down below:

As far as thefor the game goes, Star Wars: Vader Immortal comes out on the Oculus Quest and the Oculus Rift in Spring 2019. When exactly that’s going to be is something we don’t know. But we expect it to drop within the next few weeks.