Black Clover Episode 82: Release Date And Spoilers

Black Clover Episode 82 Spoilers

Black Clover episode 82 is titled as “Petit Clover! Charmy’s Nightmare Special!”. In the next episode of Black Clover, the focus will be the food-loving Magic Knight. And the anime will be taking a short break from the Royal Knights arc, but Charmy will be the center of the attraction in the series.

The sneak peeks hints that she will be surrounded with an array of mushrooms. She is finding a cure for Asta’s then-broken arms in the forest and Charmy ended up empty-handed but was covered with the mushrooms. She thought the solution was to eat them all, though, but it was futile because eating one mushroom only causes it to sprout with three more fungi and seeing that only irritated Asta.

Black Clover Episode 82 Release Date
Black Clover Episode 82 Photo

As for the release date, Black Clover episode 82 will be releasing on 7 May. In the west coast, it will be releasing at a drear 3:25 AM Pacific start and on the Eastern seaboard it will release on 6:25 AM Eastern. The UK will get the episode at 11:25 AM BST release time on Crunchyroll. As for the dub version, it is around two weeks behind on Funimation. You can expect the Black Clover Episode 82 English dub air date on the week 20 May or June 2019 if there are delays.