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Pokemon 2019 Episode 29 Preview, and Spoilers

Pokemon 2019

Santoshi and Goo came to the Galar region to watch supreme monarch Dande’s battle. After the match, Santoshi and Goo encountered and battled a Galarian Kamonegi and they defeated it. They ask Kamonegi to explore adventure with them and it agrees. Today is the second day of their trip they both enjoying eating Galar’s famous curry rice.

Every Sunday we will be focusing on Pokemon 2019 and this post is about Pokemon 2019 Episode 29 preview, and a recap. Santoshi and Goo enjoy eating different types of food with their Pokemon. Let’s see what Santoshi and Goo will encounter today down here.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 29 update

Pokemon 2019 Episode 29 will be released on Sunday, 19 July 2020, at 6:00 PM JST. Every Sunday new episode of Pokemon 2019 is released. Note that this post may contain spoilers of the next episode. Let’s take a look at the recap and preview below.

Pokemon 2019

Pokemon 2019

Previously on Pokemon 2019 Episode 28

While they are enjoying their food a new hungry pokemon appears looking for food but Santoshi, Goo, and their pokemon did not see the hungry pokemon. The hungry Pokemon became invisible and started stealing Kamonegi’s food. The two Kanemogi’s wanted to fight thinking that it is one of them who stole the food. Santoshi asks them if they want to pick up from yesterday’s fight but Rilou and Pikachu’s food started to diss appear.

Suddenly all of the food started to disappear and Santoshi wanted to eat food from his fork but he ends up chewing his fork. All of them were surprised and Goo saw a new pokemon who is stealing their food.  Santoshi said he has never seen a pokemon like this before. The hungry pokemon started crying releasing some magic and all of them started crying.

The pokemon vanished and they all stop crying and Goo suggested that they must look for it. Miss Joy appears with Yessan’s emotional pokemon and she asked them what are they doing. Yes-san uses their horns on their head to sense the emotions of others. Male will act valets for those they serve and females are good at babysitting.

Santoshi and Goo explained to Miss Joy what they are looking for. Miss Joy said that they are looking for Messon. Messon must have been lost because it stays in lush nature. Meson becomes invisible when it touches the water and Miss Joy points at the fountain saying it may be hiding there. Goo throws his pokemon ball and captures it. Meow, Musashi and Kojirou are looking for Pikachu to catch him.

When they try to catch Pikachu the wind blew them away meanwhile Santoshi and Goo find another new pokemon. Sunahebi sand snake pokemon ground type as it digs it swallows sand and store it on its neck pouch to spray it out later. Messon tries to battle it but the snake sprays sand on Messon and it got lost.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 29 Preview