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Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice Episode 3 Preview, and Spoilers

Mr Love Queen's Choice

Lucien told MC that for the LFG to finance their company again, he has two conditions. She has to show him what she is capable of. After the airing of the next episode Miracle Finder must be trending on social media in the top ten. That is when he will approve that she is capable of her work. Mc said that she is confident in her next work. The second condition she has to assemble a comprehensive business plan and submit it within a week.

He told her to draft a blueprint of how she will reach the top of her industry in five years. If she meets all the condition he will re-evaluate her financing. MC promised that she won’t waste any chance she has been given. MC also said that to make her dream come true she will show him that she can reach all his demands. In this post we are going to talk about Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice Episode 3 preview, and recap.

Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice Episode 3 update

Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice Episode 3 will be released on Thursday, 30 July 2020, at 12:00 AM JST. The new episode of Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice is released every Thursday. Allow me to take you into more updates of this anime below.

Mr Love Queen's Choice

Mr. Love Queen’s Choice

Previously on Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice Episode 2

Lucien asks MC if she has told anyone about the Evolver and the incidence that happened in the afternoon. MC replied that she did not tell anyone as she thought that it is a secret. The following day MC had a meeting with Anna and professor Lucien. Professor Lucien is also a businessman and Evolver who keeps on saving MC from danger.

In their meeting, they talked about the theory of flooding space and how it works. MC assistant whispers at MC asking where did she find this hot professor. Anna said that it will be perfect if he appears on their show. Their business will grow faster with high quality and ratings. MC told them to relax and Lucien asks if the condition of LGF is difficult for them to meet.

He told them if they have problems he is ready to help and they must stop addressing him as a professor. MC decided that they are going to find information about the boy who teleports her to safety while fighting. MC met with detective Gavin who was her friend in high school and 2 years ahead of her. She wants to know about warping incidence and Gavin asks her to come with him if she wants to know more.

On their way, Gavin told her that they are going to a dangerous place that she cannot imagine. Gavin explains that the warps started six months ago and it was a small boy testing his awakening powers. He used it to scare and prank people and his powers got the attention of powerful people. They kidnapped him and he escaped but they are still after him and he is looking for help. Gavin told MC not to worry he will protect the boy.

Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice Episode 3 Preview