Rent-a-Girlfriend Episode 12 Preview, and Spoilers

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From the recent development of this Anime Kazuya is worried that what if Kuri remains a bachelor because of him. Later Kazuya plans something with Mizuhara about Kuri who met with Mizuhara to go for a date. Kuri discovered that Mizuhara is just a rental girl just like Ruka. He is shocked and now he knows that Kazuya and Mizuhara are not dating. Kazuya and Mizuhara plan that so that they could cheer him up for his loss over Ruka.

They both enjoy their date and Kazuya shows up to clear the air between him and Kuri. They are both happy that they know the truth. Another girl appears on Kazuya’s life Kazuya is carrying a piece of paper looking there and there. He is at Tobu Nerima Station South Exit Ichinose he spots a girl hiding. She suddenly comes in front of him. Let’s what will happen in this post below.

Today’s post is about the Rent-a-Girlfriend Episode 12 preview, and recap. Let’s take a look at the weekly schedule of this Anime before moving on. You can use the following link to get more updates about this Anime You can also watch it officially on Crunchyroll it is available on bub and sub. Take a look at the following.

Rent-a-Girlfriend or Kanojo, Okarishimasu Episode 12 will be released on Saturday, 26 September 2020, at 1:25, AM JST. Kanojo, Okarishimasu releases its new episode every Saturday. Unfortunately, the spoilers of episode 12 are not yet available. Let’s take a look at the recap and preview below.


Previously on Rent-a-Girlfriend Episode 11

Kazuya asks her if she is Sumi and he said he is Kazuya he looks at her from her toe to head. He thinks that since she is here she is the right girl, she is adorable, she is total a cutie pie in both looks and voices. Kazuya thinks that he has no idea that he is going on a date with a beautiful girl like this. Sumi started trembling then she greets Kazuya who told her not to be nervous. He leads the way as they are walking, Mami spots them. They went to the restaurant and enjoy coffee together

Kazuya notices that Sumi is shy he is the one who keeps on talking. When he questions why she is a rental girlfriend, she uses hand signals to reveal her answer. Sumi thanks Kazuya after he stopped her from getting harassed. After noticing them Mami started spying on them. She is just jealous of why Kazuya keeps on hanging with girls. When Kazuya came back from the bathroom he finds Mimi sitting on the table with Sumi. While they are alone, Mami tells Kazuya that he is a more of a ladies’ man than she thought.

When the date is over, Kazuya praises Sumi thinking that he should rent her again. Mami finds out that Sumi is a rental girlfriend she gets more jealousy thinking about Kazuya. Sometime later, Kazuya is hanging out with his friends when he sees Mizuhara. In the evening Kazuya and Mizuhara have a conversation on the balcony where she thanks him for helping Sumi. The next day, Mizuhara is waiting for her client and suddenly Mami shows up.

Rent-a-Girlfriend Episode 12 Preview

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