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Midway: trailer 2 out, update and all we know so far

The newest trailer for World-War 2 epic Midway has been released by Lionsgate and it looks epic by every means.

Midway is the latest flick by Roland Emmerich, the guy who made the cult blockbuster Independence Day. Roman Emmerich In his recent adventure decided to make a movie on the highly infamous wars to have happened on the face of the Earth – Battle of Midway. Emmerich has got along with a huge cast that includes the likes of Woody Harrelson. Here check out the second trailer first.

As we see in the trailer, it’s an unwinding of the events of Pearl Harbor. The above-posted trailer begins with the story of Pearl Harbor and how events took place in the most talked-about battles of the past century, there’s, of course, the apparent element of violence such as the explosions and the gore that Emmerich hasn’t shy away from showing us.

The massive cast of Midway includes Ed Skrein, Patrick Wilson, Luke Evans, Mandy Moore, and Woody Harrelson. The cast portrays roles of war admirals and real-life lieutenants in the movie. Midway touts itself to be a tale of real-life historic events of soldiers, leaders who use their instincts, fortitude and bravery to overcome war odds.

Midway Movie

Midway 2019: centers around world war II.

The director of Midway is Emmerich who’s known for prestige projects such as Independence Day, Day After Tomorrow. Midway is written by Wes Tooke and it is in theatres on November 8′ 2019 – Veteran’s Day weekend.

The war in the Pacific Theatre is the main storyline of Midway, after the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Imperial Japanese Navy. It centers on how admirals used their skills to defend the west coast of the United States. The Battle of Midway is said to be one of the most decisive battles of the war.