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The Family Man Season 2: Renewed Or Cancelled?

The Family Man has made a mark for itself with its debut Season which arrived on Amazon Prime Video on 20th September 2019.

Season 1 consisted of 10 whole episodes in the Hindi language. The Family Man is directed by Raj and DK, and it was their digital debut too. For now, the duo is having a gala time with the praise that is being showered upon them. The cast of The Family Man Season 1 include Neeraj Madhav, Priyamani, Manoj Bajpayee and Sharib Hashmi. What’s mind-boggling about The Family Man is that it has left us in a lurch, as we are unaware of the Seasons’ ending, don’t know what’s happening next and the cliffhanger couldn’t have been more brutal!

The Family Man

The Family Man: Season 2 Confirmed By Directors

The story of the show goes somewhat like this: Delhi face an imminent danger of a chemical disaster attack, neither the government nor the people knowing what to do or what’s next for them. Speaking on The Family Man Season 2, directors Raj and DK said that they didn’t plan on the ending and the cliffhanger that took place happening organically on its own.

With that, the two also confirmed Season 2 of The Family Man on Amazon Prime Video. The duo does not have any set ideas on what to do next with the storyline, or how to go about it, and as of now, they are only brainstorming on what to do next. After Srikanth completed Mission Zulfikar, the next Season will majorly deal with his after-phase. Also, Suchitra (played by Priyamani) and Arvind’s (Sharad Kelkar) life will be discussed and dealt with.

The relationship between Arvind and Suchrita happened as a result of intense brainstorming according to Bajpayee. He wanted to showcase the Indian culture, so a cross-cultural marriage took place in the show, hence Tamil star Priyamani was cast.

Season 2 of The Family Man wasn’t a big surprise as there is an on growing demand for OTT and home-grown content. As web shows have proved to be a major success, therefore shows such as The Family Man with the kind of storyline that they had needed to be made.

The Family Man showcases Manoj Bajpayee as Srikant, who is a loving husband and father of two. Srikant has been keeping a secret however all his life, he’s working in the covert cell of India’s National Investigation Agency, and his family must not know at any cost about what he does. He must always tell them that he has a government desk job in order to maintain his cover¬†and to protect his family.

The Family Man Season 2 may be confirmed but what’s not confirmed is that when it will air. For more stay updated.