Shadowverse Episode 30 New Updates

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Luca went to the top of the building and met with Shiori who told him that she will put an end to his pain. Luca is going to lose and the world is about to end and Luca asks if she remembers her. Shiori replies that she does calling him her brother and she reveals that they have to battle. Loca has noticed that she is possessed by an empty shadow and decides that he has to defeat her to save her. Shiori is happy that she can fly and she can go wherever she wants.

Meanwhile, Hiro is heading where Shiori and Luca are on his way he met with empty shadows and defeated them. Shindou gets chase by a group of civilians that are possed with the empty shadows. He jumps inside the passage thinking that he has managed to hide from them but they are behind him. Shirou and Luca started to battle. Luca is holding back and Shirou said that he is always so kind to her. He doesn’t know that she is suffering and even if he can’t defeat her she can defeat him.

Shadowverse Episode 30 Recap

Shadowverse Episode 30 will be released on Tuesday, 10 November 2020, at 5:55 PM JST. Keep in mind that every Tuesday you will get a new episode of this Anime. This post may contain the spoilers of the upcoming episode watch out when you proceed. Take a look at the recap and preview below. You can watch this Anime officially on Crunchyroll at the same time from above. Let’s take a look below.


Previously on Shadowverse Episode 29

Luca attacks Shirou’s leader with Cursebrand Vampire and turns her points to 19. Luca tries to talk with Shirou about her being possessed by the empty shadow and she told him she is not who she was. She told him that she will hit him with everything she can. Shirou started to battle Luca for real tearing hi apart without showing mercy. Later Shirou explained how tough her life was in the past and he must let her be selfish. Luca told her that he just wants to help her.

He had a flashback when Hiru saves him and they became friends. Shirou thought that Luca needs the power of Tree of Woe and he told her that it is not the Tree of Woe that pushes him forward. He also told her that it is the words of his friends that keep him on moving. Luca reveals the truth and told her after he has lost everything she was the one he had. He lied to himself and that is why he started Shadowverse just to survive. He reveals that all the time he couldn’t accept that he is happy while she is not.

Luca got involved in a fierce battle and defeated her and he is happy that he managed to save her from the empty shadow. Later they embrace each other and he told her that he is going to save the world with his friends. Shirou told him that she is happy because she has managed to see his smile after a long time.

Meanwhile, Mimori enters the ruins and met with an unknown guy who told her that she can join them She told him that she has to save the world and she can’t join them. She promised the guy that she will save him since he is possessed by an empty shadow. The guy decides that he will battle her and saving him is not going to happen.

Shadowverse Episode 30 Preview

For more updates for the upcoming episode, it will be available next week as soon as the new episode is released. For this week that’s what episode 30 has to offer for us. See you next Tuesday with a new episode and updates.

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