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Black Adam: Kevin Hart Would Like To Be In Dwayne Johnson’s DC Movie

Black Adam

Kevin Hart has expressed his willingness to be in the upcoming film, Black Adam. He wants to join his co-star Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” with whom he also worked in Jumanji: The Next Level. The movie Black Adam has been predicted to change the DC Cinematic Universe.

Hart has also collaborated in other movies with Johnson, like in Central Intelligence, which didn’t become so popular and also in a cameo in Hobbs and Shaw. Hart has played a villain in the 2008 comedy Superhero Movie by playing Harry Osborn. However,  Black Adam would be his first real superhero movie.

Hart talked to ET Canada at a press event in Mexico while promoting his upcoming movie Jumanji. What he said was,

 “No matter what, he’s not going to do it and not put me in it,

Johnson also confirmed his place by saying,

 “We’ve got to find the part for Kevin in ‘Black Adam’ within the DC Universe.

Hart’s recent hard days

Hard has had some rough time recently. He had to step down from the position of host of the Academy Awards, which was planned to be hosted by him. He also had a car crash and was hospitalized, which made his career have a short break. Being part of the crew of Black Adam would help him get back on track and progress with his career. It will be further helpful if his other movies get successful such as Jumanji and Fatherhood.

Now the question lies that what will he play if he gets the role? There are guesses that he might be playing The Rock’s  Adam or maybe a major villain like Dr.  Thaddeus Sivana.
His character will lead to the rise of the real villain that he will face ahead. We can only wait and see if there is room left for him to play any character.