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YouTube Rewind 2019: Here Is When It Might Release

Youtube Rewind 2019 update

Last year’s YouTube rewind didn’t go exactly as YouTube had planned. It became the most disliked video on YouTube and in a very short time. So, this year, it is up to YouTube to make up for their mistakes and make YouTube Rewind great again.

For those who don’t know, YouTube rewind is a series which is developed by Portal A Interactive and of course, YouTube. The videos are a recap of the major stuff that happened on YouTube, including music, memes, events, and plenty of other stuff. The series has continued to increase the cast, and with each passing, it grows bigger and bigger. So, it is kind of expected that YouTube Rewind 2019 will have a bigger cast than YouTube Rewind 2018.

YouTube Rewind 2019 update

Last year, YouTube Rewind came out on December 7 and the year before it was released on December 6. We can expect this year’s video to be released between December 6-9. There has been no word about the celebrities who are going to be a part of this year’s Rewind yet.

It would be a sensible decision on YouTube’s part if they put PewDiePie in this year’s YouTube Rewind. This caused a lot of outrage last year, and people will be hoping that YouTube learns from its mistakes and put PewDiePie in it.