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Player Reborn Chapter 97: Spoilers, Leaks, and update

Player Reborn Chapter 97 update and Spoilers

Before we discuss more Player Reborn let us first take a look at the latest chapters recap. Wan Jia was surprised to find out that in order to make their plan more believable, Xun lied to her father and told him that she already had a child with him. Xun then immediately explained to him to which he played along very well. Xun’s father suggested that they have the wedding right away, which ended up surprising both of them. As the wedding was carried out, Wan Jian then went to talk to Xun at the end of the ceremony. They then discussed Wan Jia’s plan to take over Li Yang City. They realized that they had to make their relationship more believable if they are to make the plan a success.

Player Reborn is about Wan Jia, who was betrayed by one of his teammates in an online virtual reality game “King of Gamers” and lost his qualification. However, during his final moments, before he was removed from the game, he was transported one year back in time to the day when King of Gamers launched. Already a master of the game and having great knowledge of its content. Wan Jia makes his return to the game not only to punish his traitors but to achieve victory and dominate the game as well.

The upcoming Chapter of player reborn will then continue the story. And now that Wan and Xun are already married, this means that Li Yang City’s army is at his disposal. Xun also mentioned that although her father can lend him the strength of the army, it might be a little difficult for him to take over the city. He mentioned an ingenious idea he has that might work. Chapter 96 revealed that General Wan had been captured by enemy forces. Lu Jie revealed that he was the one who set him up as he was conspiring with his mayor in this plan. Later, when the soldiers were talking about this betrayal, they realized that General Wan might not be really dead as he left a secret message for them. Back at the royal house, Wan and Xun are planning to present their strategy to Xun’s father.

Player Reborn manga is released approximately every 5 days or so by “The NoNames.” The time might vary depending on the website, but it is released at a much faster rate compared to the traditional Japanese manga. With this in mind, Chapter 96 of player reborn was just released, then this makes Chapter 97to be around the 11th of December 2019.