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Kingdom Chapter 626 Spoilers, and Raw Scans

Kingdom Chapter 626 Where To Read, and Spoilers

In this article, we are going to talk about Kingdom Chapter 626 where to read its Manga and Spoilers. Kingdom’s latest chapter sees the continuation of the battle to take Riboku’s head. Lady Shiryou is proving to be formidable as she is holding well against Batei, allowing her forces to move forward with ease. Houken is also proving to be an overwhelming opponent as he is said to be possessing the strengths of all those who have come and gone in his life.

Kingdom Summary

Kingdom follows the story of Xin and Piao, the war orphans during the ancient Chinese warring states. They yearned to become “The great generals of the heavens” so that they can rise from their lowly life stations. When Piao is taken to the palace and spends a few months away for undisclosed purposes, he came back to find his home village on the verge of death, and Xin had moved to another village(known as Qin) as a result.

Xin then discovered that Piao was serving as a body double for the king(Ying Zheng) as their appearances where identical. As Ying’s leadership was under threat, Xin decided to help him reclaim his King’s position. As a result, Xin was given the position of Qin’s commander in battlefields, further pursuing his goal of becoming the greatest General in the world in order to end wars and incest.

Kingdom Chapter 626 Spoilers

Houken’s strength seems to be much of a threat in this battle as it was able to change the war perspective. Things look like they will finally get intense as being a “path seeker” means that he had already endured a lot of experience in war. The upcoming chapters will then see Houka make his move as his past and how powerful he is by now was just briefly discussed as amongst the strongest.

Kingdom Chapter 626 update

The updates for Kingdom Manga are not stable. So this makes them a little difficult to pinpoint the exact date as different websites have their own schedules, which may slightly vary with a few days. Chapter 626 was released yesterday, and the one before that was on the 4th of December. If we can follow this trend, then it means that Chapter 626 will be available around the 20th of December 2019 and raw will be available online 2-3 days earlier, around 17 December, 2019.

Where To Read Kingdom Chapter 626 Manga?

Different websites release the Manga on different days. Kingdom Manga is a little difficult to find as it is not widely available on popular Manga websites, You can buy Young Weekly Jump if you want to support the Kingdom manga. You can find Kingdom Manga on websites like Sensescans and ReadKingdom. Reading Manga online helps the creators instead of reading on raw chapters even though they might be available a few days earlier that the digital scans.