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Wentworth Season 7: Netflix update And All We Know So Far

Wentworth, the Australian Prison drama is a fan favorite on Netflix. Everybody loves it, people across the globe. Some people say it is a hybrid of Prison Break and Orange Is The New Black. Can’t remains that Orange Is The New Black and Wentworth have gone their separate ways and have taken new leaps with the script. Orange Is The New Black is a waters version of Wentworth in terms of the portrayal of violence and drama. But Wentworth cranks it up a notch.

While Season 7 is supposed to be on Netflix asap, Season 8 of Wentworth was also confirmed! People like you and me, who have seen the show religiously can’t help but wonder, so when is Wentworth Season 7 finally coming to Netflix?

Wentworth airs on Foxtel in the Australian mainland. It was added to Netflix, and that catapulted it into direct fame. Season 7 was announced at the tail-end of season 6 in April of 2018. Production for Wentworth began right away after the Season 7 announcement was made.

Season 6 finale episode was dramatic and an epic showdown between Rita vs. Drago, it was the tensest finale ever! As we reached the end of the episode, the interrogation and manhunt began for those who helped an inmate escape. A new prison head is coming in Season 7 to Wentworth; it remains to be seen how this top dog will take over the charge of the prison. As fans of the show, you may expect Season 7 to see big changes on the horizon. My only desire is to see a big fight between Rita and The Freak.

We are also going to find out who’s going to be the newest new number 2 for Marie now that Drago is out of the scene.

As far as Season 7 release of Netflix is concerned, No official update has been announced yet.

On the announcement of season 7, it was announced in the press release that the Wentworth would definitely be out in 2019. All 6 Seasons had consistently and released on schedule in the early summer. So naturally, we must expect it to begin on Foxtel between April and June 2019.+

Wentworth Season 7 press release said that the series would definitely be out in 2019. The past six seasons have consistently released in early summer so we’d expect it to be the same. I guess that Wentworth will be out on Netflix in September 2019.

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