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Tripling Season 2: Teaser Out And Details

Sumeet Vyas, Maanvi Gagroo and Amol Parashar reuniting for another road trip. Tripling, the series that gave us the beautiful Baba (Sumeet Vyas) and the famous madafaka song is coming back with its second installment and another adventurous road trip.

The first teaser was shared by TVF, and it was roughly captioned, “Once upon a time, a beautiful baba, a mada**ka, and a Queen went on an unplanned road-trip.” (Ref: the first road trip that these siblings took). This time, they do it again. What’s changed between Chandan, Chanchal and Chitvan in Season 2, is a major question. “Keep your eyes on the road as your favorite siblings are all set to reunite for another adventure!”

This teaser is 44 seconds long, and you can hear Chitvan sing the madafaka song, which makes Chanchal and Chandan smile. Since this is Season 2, so a lot has happened in the lives of these siblings like for example, Chandan has written a book and become a famous author. Chanchal, on the other hand, seems to have ventured into politics. Finally, Chitvan is some sort of trouble, the media is constantly hounding him and so are the police.

How the story goes is that there are three siblings namely Chandan (Sumeet Vyas), Chanchal (Maanvi Gagroo), and Chitvan (Amol Parashar). They embark on a road trip with numerous ups and downs, and this very road trip makes them learn things about themselves, each other and life.

If you are wondering where the siblings will travel to this time, its somewhere in eastern India, in Season 1, they traveled from Rajasthan to Himachal Pradesh. This time, they are seen enjoying tram rides in Kolkata and sitting by the Hooghly River. Howrah bridge can be seen in the background.

Tripling is out on April 5 on TVF Play and Sonyliv app. All episodes will be out at once.