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Line of Duty Season 5 Cast, Plot, And Updates

Line of Duty Season 5

Fans are still recovering from the fourth season of Line of Duty, and things are about to turn really interesting with the upcoming fifth season. The finale of Line of Duty Season 4 was jaw-dropping, and many things were revealed like the Balaclava Man’s identity and Roz Huntley’s ill deeds. However, there are new questions which now need to be clarified, and that’s what increases the hype for the upcoming season to a great extent. BBC renewed its police procedural T.V. series last year and here is everything you need to know about the upcoming Line of Duty Season 5.

It was already revealed by BBC’s Director-General, Tony Hall that along with Season 5 Line of Duty will get a sixth season as well so the franchise isn’t going anywhere yet, and fans can continue to enjoy the show for a longer time. He also said that the series could extend beyond season 6 given that Jed writes more. Also, apart from Jed, the public’s opinion will also decide the future of the show as their loyalty and love for the show will ensure its extension beyond Season 6 and more.

Line of Duty Season 5 Plot:

The official plot of the upcoming season is yet to be revealed; however, according to the latest reports, Season 5 will dive deep into the corruption web which was revealed in the finale of Season 4. Compston already confirmed that scripts for Season 5 are ‘immense,’ so it’s safe to assume that an extraordinary season is heading our way. Mercurio also revealed that the upcoming season would be like a ‘fresh territory,’ which means we could see some new faces or new plot points as well.

Line of Duty Season 5 Cast:

The cast for the upcoming Line of Duty Season 5 includes:

  • Martin Compston as Steve Arnott
  • Vicky McClure as Kate Fleming
  • Adrian Dunbar as Ted Hastings
  • Maya Sondhi as Maneet Bindra
  • Craig Parkinson as Cottan
  • Stephen Graham
  • Thandie Newton as Roz Huntley and others

Line of Duty Season 5 update:

Production of Line of Duty Season 5 officially commenced on 29th August 2018, and according to series creator Mercurio, the fifth season is supposed to return in early 2019. But we are already three months deep into 2019, and there is no confirmedavailable about the next season. Nevertheless, cast member Martin Compston suggested that the show could release in April 2019, and we hope that it is the right prediction.

Updated on March 24, 2019:

Line of Duty First Look

First Look at Line of Duty Season 5

We have anregarding the First-Look at Line of Duty Season 5 and details on Season 6 of the show. We have added the First Look photo for Line of Duty Season 5 and also the sixth season is confirmed.

In an interview, series creator, Joe Mercurio said that they are shooting Line of Duty Season 5 as of now, and the sixth season has already been commissioned, and they are going to shoot that in the next couple of years.

At the London screening, Joe Mercurio was asked how long Line of Duty can go on? He said that it had a lifespan, and he didn’t know. He added that they love making the show, but in the end, a lot depends on the viewers and how they respond to it.

He said that it is great to see people excited about the show, and talk about what is going to happen next and what they want to see next. He said that they recognize that the show’s got a lifespan, and they will have to calibrate against what the audience wants.

For now it is good to know that Line of Duty Season 6 has already been commissioned. We will keep you posted as we have any moreon the show.

Updated on April 28, 2019:

Ted Hastings, who is played by Adrian Dunbar on the show has recently revealed a bit of information that has made the fans leap out of their seats anxiously. Fans are now suspicious that the superintendent is the corrupt police officer posing as villain H.

A number of clues have been thrown our way and Hastings could very well be the masked criminal who has been terrorising members of AC-12 on the show. This has rather huge implications.

If you take all of what we know into account, it can even be implies that Hastings worked with Corbett’s father, and the undercover officer blamed him for major death that occurred. It seems this season of the show is wild, and we’ll be constantly posed with many such mind-blowing aspects of the show.