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Mortal Kombat 11 DLC Characters Leak: update And News

Mortal Kombat 11 is as old as anything; it is one of the oldest and most fantastic games of our generation. Sure, the game suffered a setback after a few glitches here and there, especially the ones concerning grinding out items and unfair AI difficulty. But NetherRealm, the makers decided to bounce back with the updates. The games difficulty level was revised in the game’s Towers of Time mode, too. This is what a standard player should count on in Mortal Kombat 11.

We have been told that, in the coming weeks, NetherRealm is supposed to add more characters to MK 11. The expanded roster will include the more classic Mortal Kombat characters (and rumor has it), characters from the wider Warner Bros. IP list.

Not much can be made of Mk’s future DLC plans, but there are a few leaks on the internet (hints from the developers too) that tell us what to expect from Mk 11. We can also try and look at the previous Mk games to get an idea. Further extrapolation would tell us that we can expect to see Shang Tsung (the first confirmed DLC character for the game) all set to be launched in late May or very early June. Furthermore, a new character addition must be expected every month. This although, hasn’t been confirmed by NR.

As goes for character additions, few leaks and data mines have suggested some of the character inclusions. LeoNatan, a Reddit user suggested some of the characters upon examining the Nintendo Switch version of Mk. He speaks of the first nine combatants, they are:
Shang Tsung (MK)
Joker (DC Universe)
Nightwolf (MK)
Terminator (The Terminator franchise)
Sindel (MK)
Spawn (Image Comics)
Ash (of Ash & The Evil Dead)
Fujin (MK)
Sheeva (MK)

We cannot confirm the authenticity of these character leaks as of now. Some of the non-Mk faces are expected to be included in the game too. More as we have it.