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Myst: The Popular Game Franchise Will Be Adapted Into Movies and TV Series


In this topic, we will be talking about Village Roadshow’s acquisition of Myst’s rights and the future. Village Roadshow has acquired the rights of Myst, and according to reports, fans are in for a huge treat from the media company. The company is fully ready to explore the fantasy video game franchise and wants to expand its universe in every way possible, so we are talking about movies, TV series and much more. If reports are accurate, the entertainment and media company is planning to work on it as soon as possible, and they are thinking about creating both scripted and unscripted contents. We have gathered all the recent updates and information regarding this matter, so here is everything you need to know.

If you don’t know much about Myst, then worry not, we got you covered. Myst is the adventure puzzle game, and the creators of the game are Rand Miller and Robyn Miller (the Miller brothers). The game made its debut back in 1993, and according to reports, the Miller brothers are currently focusing on developing more contents.

Myst canon is reported to have a vast history of over 10000 years, and it follows Atrus, Anna’s grandson. Anna is the wife of Altrus, and after discovering the D’ni civilization, she triggers a chain of events which would change the course of the world and give it a new shape.

The franchise of Myst is top-rated and very successful as it sold over 15 million copies and was hailed as the best selling PC game of all time, and it kept the title till 2002.

According to a recent report, the Village Roadshow will be taking a ‘full-scale approach,’ to develop contents based on Myst on all divisions and the whole creative team is reported to work on it. Fans are extremely excited about the upcoming Myst movies and TV series, and they surely have the potential to become a huge success.