The Outer Worlds: Is Coming To Switch After Many Speculations

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It looks like, many speculations after, Nintendo Switch players will finally get the chance to play The Outer Worlds on their system. The news comes officially from Obsidian.

Shortly before The Game Awards 2018, Obsidian Entertainment teased the title for the game by means of retro graphic posts. It reminded players of the game Fallout. Many thought that this was supposed to be a sequel to the studio’s Fallout: New Vegas, also from the same studio.

Eventually, we learned through Obsidian that the new game is ‘The Outer Worlds’, and as the name suggests, the game means that players will travel to the future and into the mysterious realms of space. The gameplay for The Outer Worlds goes something like, huge corporations are terraforming planets for colonization, but there’s a huge conspiracy involved. The corporations are up to no good, and it’s our job as a player to uncover the fowl.

Obsidian Outer Worlds
Obsidian Finally Confirms That ‘The Outer Worlds’ Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

At the recently held E3 2019, Obsidian came out with more information about The Outer Worlds.of October 25 on the PC, Xbox One and PS4, was also announced. Many of us thought that the game would never arrive on Switch.

But now, it is being said that Obsidian has announced its partnership with Virtuos for The Outer Worlds port to the Switch. Virtuos is the same developer that ports games such as including Dark Souls and L.A. Noise to the console.

The Outer Worlds Nintendo Switch has no real date as of now. But you can expect it to arrive after it launches on other platforms.

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