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Read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 64 update, Spoilers, and Recap

Dragon Ball Super

The Hero from another planet has shown up he wants to buy Goku and other earth heroes some time to get healed. He is facing a powerful villain who has already taken out Goku and his crew. His name is agent Merus he is with Jaco and he apologizes for being late to stop the villain from making destruction. The villain asks about Son Goku and others Merus said that he has sent them to a safe place.

The villain told Merus to stop playing with him while unleashing his powerful attack using his right hand. Merus spins his sword and block the attack. They both started exchanging attacks and Merus manages to hurt the villain’s mouth. It has been revealed that the villain’s name is Moro. Moro wipes the blood from his mouth using his fingers and Jaco is surprised that Merus’s powers have increased. Merus and Jaco charge towards each other meanwhile, Goku is on another planet with others.

This month we will be focusing on Dragon Ball Super Chapter 64 update, spoilers, and recap. Let’s see how things are going on here. The Heroes are lying down injured Dende is the one standing. Suddenly Berus and Whis show up and notice that Dende is taking care of them. He said that the God of the earth will save them and he decided to go. Take a look at more details below.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 64 will be released on VIZ on Friday 18 September 2020. The spoilers of the upcoming chapter are not yet released. This Manga releases its new chapter once in every month, take a look at the latest development below.

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super

Previously Dragon Ball Super Chapter 63

Whis asks where Berus is going and replied that he is going to Bulma’s place. Gohan asks Dende if Son Goku won’t die and he replied that his wound is deep and his ”CHI” has reached God-Level. It will just take time for Son Goku to get healed and Goku’s body recovers quickly. He asks Dende where’s Moro and Dende replied that he is fighting with the angel.

Goku heads to the battle and told Dende to take care of Picalo and others. The intense battle is on Moro and Merus they are exchanging powerful attacks and Moro started to dominate the battle. Suddenly the great Super Saiyan shows up Son Goku. The Siyan told Merus to stay back for now and he started transforming into a normal Super Saiyan. Moro said that ”Were you saved by the Namekian’s healing abilities.”?

Goku responds by slapping Moro with a powerful attack meanwhile Whis and Berus sense Goku’s powers. Berus asks if  Goku is going to win and Whis replied that he is doubting it. Goku and Moro are busy canceling each other’s power and Goku is trying to find out how to beat Moro. Goku is trying to use Ultra Instinct but he can’t do it correctly. Moro send Goku flying and told him that his technique won’t work on him.

Merus cuts Moro’s hand that was grabbing him from behind coming from underground. Moro regenerates his body and Merus teams up with Goku to counter-attack Moro. Merus is showing Goku how he should master his Ultra Instinct while beating Moro. Goki is shocked to see Merus’ powers, who told him that he can master Ultra instinct at his current strength and he will be more powerful.

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