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Vikings Season 6 Episode 1Details

Vikings Season 6 Episode 1

In this post, we are going to talk about Vikings season 6 episode 1details. The show is currently into the fifth season but everyone seems very excited for the next season. So, we are going to talk about the first episode of the sixth season.

Vikings Season 6 Episode 1

First of all, will there be a sixth season? The short answer is yes. It was already announced that History is going to produce the sixth season of Vikings. Astonishingly, the show was renewed for the sixth season before even the fifth season premiered. That shows how confident the broadcaster, as well as showrunners, are for the series.

Moreover, we do have some other interesting facts to serve. First of all, the show has already started shooting for the sixth season. There has been news that the shooting was happening in Ireland. So, the work is under progress for the next season. Also, the next season will contain 20 episodes same as the previous.

Although, we are not counting special episodes! Furthermore, the next season will also be distributed in two parts same as the last season. So, when will the next season premiere? The current season premiered on 29 November 2017. So, we might get to see the upcoming season at the same part of the year.

The show is broadcasted on History channel as we know, at 9 PM every Wednesday. So, we might see the first episode of Vikings season 6 at the same time, if there is no change in the broadcasting slot.