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Cleverman Season 3 Cast, and Updates

Cleverman is a popular Australian drama television series that revolves around aboriginals and people who have extraordinary abilities. They live in a special area called Zone. It has a science fiction theme and also surrounds the Aboriginal mythology. It deals with other themes too, such as racism, border protection, minority communities, and so on.

The cast of Cleverman Season 3

The main role is played by Hunter Page-Lochard as the protagonist. Koen West is playing the role of a boy who escaped the Zone and lives among human beings. He also has the powers of Cleverman. Other casts include Rob Collins, Waaru West, Deborah Mailman, Iain Glen, Tasma Walton, Tony Briggs, and so on.

The plot of Cleverman Season 3

The storyline of Cleverman deals with political undertones surrounding hairy people. Those people are stronger, faster, and sturdier than normal human beings and have a lifespan that is thrice the lifespan of normal human beings.

They come in contact with normal human beings, but humans get fearful of them due to their biological superiority, isolates them. They live in a place called Zone and fight for equal rights. As the show progresses, they get rid of the hair, learn English, and blend in with human society.

Koen gets chosen as Cleverman and gets many abilities such as healing, see visions by touching, and so on. He gets a lot of responsibilities on his shoulders, and they move ahead in an attempt to unite the divided world.

When is Cleverman Season 3 update?

The second season was launched on 28 June 2017, and even after two years, we haven’t received any announcements about the coming sequel. The ratings and viewership were bad even though the critics praised it. Although it is not likely to get to see the third season, we would wait to see what happens in 2020. If there is anyon the we will keep you posted.