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Mikio Ikemoto Net Worth 2020 | Age, Wife, Cars, Manga And Everything You Need To Know

Mikio Ikemoto
After working with Masashi Kishimoto for 15 years, Mikio Ikemoto has finally gained some publicity and managed to make a name and some revenue for himself. He has recently been on the top of Boruto: Naruto Bext Generations, a sequel to his previous work with Kishimoto. This time he is the writer with Kishimoto as the supervisor. In this post, we will be talking about Mikio Ikemoto’s net worth as of 2020. And if you happen to be enthusiastic about Mangaka,  we will also look at his Age, Wife, Cars and every other information that will have you find him much more interesting.

Mikio Ikemoto Age, Wife and Cars/House

Born on the 13hth of January 2020, Mikio Ikemoto is currently 43 years old. Although he’s been in the Manga industry, Ikemoto has just recently made his breakthrough with his work in Boruto. So there is not much information about Ikemoto that is available for public disposal. But in the case where there is anything new about his properties and family, we will bring you updates right away. So make sure to regularly visit our site for more updates

Mikio Ikemoto Manga

Ikemoto became popular for his take over of Boruto: Naruto next generations when Naruto’s creator Kishimoto recommended him. Aside from Boruto, Ikemoto’s Original work was titled: Cosmos which he did and Submitted to Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump.

Early Life and Career

Mikio Ikemoto originally worked as an assistant for Masashi Kishimoto in his manga series of Naruto from 1999 to 2014. After the manga ended in 2014, Ikemoto started working on Boruto: Naruto Next Generations as it made its debut in 2016. In the beginning, Kishimoto listed Ikemoto’s duties in Naruto’s Manga franchise as a “Mob”, drawing crowds and background figures, and adding highlights to character’s drawings as well as adding stars in night skies and tones.

From a young age, Ikemoto was interested in BIkkuriman stickers, but since he couldn’t afford to buy them he instead drew his own. This led to his friends enjoying his drawings to a point where they decided to start paying for them. It was at this point that he realized his talent for art. After his success in his manga Cosmos, he was contacted by Shueisha to make a gag series. But upon hearing this, Kishimoto, who believed that Ikemoto was much more suited for a different genre of series, decided to have him work as one of his assistants.

Personal Life and Achievements

Mikio Ikemoto acquired his first award when he wrote his one-shot manga titled Cosmos for Weekly Shonen Jump in 1997. By that time he was still a rookie Mangaka.

Mikio Ikemoto Net Worth In 2020

For Mangaka that are still making their way into the Anime and Manga industry, much of their personal details are usually kept private. For popular Mangaka like Kishimoto, such information is usually released at the authority of the Mangaka themselves just as a tribute to their Fan base. But some are concerned it could be used against them. So as of now no other financial information regarding Mikio Ikemoto has been disclosed to the public so far, so in case it happens when Ikemoto willingly discloses this information to his fan base as well, we will be bringing you updates, so stay tuned!

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