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Selection Day Season 2: Updates

Selection Day, the latest addition to Netflix comes from the land of India. There’s no stopping when it comes to the desire of Netflix to expand into vast territories with shows that will be appreciated locally and Selection Day is one of them. Selection Day is based on the novel of the same name by Aravind Adiga, and this particular book is a hit! The Season 1 of Selection Day proved to be hit too! This, of course, has left fans wondering if Netflix will give a green signal to Season 2 of the same.

Fans knew that Selection Day is supposed to be a limited run series as the book it is based upon has been utilized entirely in Season 1. The intent of showmakers behind Selection Day was to make a limited set, and that should tell us not to expect another Season. But wait, wasn’t Big Little Lies supposed to be a limited series too?

Anand Tucker in a press conference had said that people from the lands of Minnesota to Mombasa to Mumbai would love Selection Day. Co-producer producer, Anil Kapoor was all praised for Selection Day, he called India an area rich with stories that could be told to the whole world.

Aravind Adiga wrote the book Selection Day, and it was released a couple of years ago. It traces the story of two young boys from Mumbai, Manju, and Mohan. These boys are sometimes encouraged to be cricket stars by their father. The books shed light on the topic of how Cricket is a business and how much money it involves. And that’s reasonably true, in the Indian crony capitalist society, Cricket is used for marketing everything from books to shampoos to love.

Updated on 13 April 2019:

Finally, the cricket-based show has got theof the second part which it was waiting for weeks, and we will see more episodes of the show. The story of Radha, Manju, and Mohan will continue ahead, as Radha and Manju were enrolled into famous Weinberg Academy of Mumbai. All Mohan wants is to see his children playing in the Indian squad of Under 19 players. We have a teaser trailer available of the next part, which is linked below!

The second part is supposed to release on 19 April, and it would be fun to see how the story evolves. As we earlier mentioned, the story might conclude in the first season, and we might not have anything more. However, Netflix might find another story of cricket, as cricket has a lot of stories to inspire people. So, it is better to wait and watch, than to jump on a conclusion.

Updated on 28 April 2019:

Well, the second part is also streaming now, and people love it. Many have also said that the second part was more interesting than the first part, which is an essential complement. The story became even more intense, and the suspense was able to keep the audience wondering till the end. The acting was beyond the expectations, and it is an overall package! Now, everyone is eyeing for another season, which is not even teased by Netflix yet. The story was based on a single volume book, so the second season seems difficult. But who knows? It is Netflix, and it is known for extending stories in the way they want! So, let’s wait and watch.