How High 2: Hulu, Netflix, And VH1 update

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By now, it’s no news that the stoner movie “How High” 2 was also a hit for MTV. This sequel that released on April 10, 2019, comes almost after two decades, the first one aired on 4/20 (haha) MTV. The sequel to this stoner movie, How High 2 and it stars Lil Yachty and D.C. Young Fly in the lead roles. Many of us who missed catching it on MTV are wondering where else to catch the movie, is a digital release on the cards for the same, will How High 2 be out on Hulu or Netflix or both? Keep reading to know.

There is no news right now that says “How High 2” will be released on Hulu or Netflix. There also isn’t any indication that says “How High 2” will be out on either of these platforms any time first part st soon. The prequels “How High” stars Method Man and Redman. Although some of the content such as South Park, My Super Sweet 16 is available on Viacom streaming network, unfortunately, not the movie “How High 2”.

So can you watch How High two anywhere on the internet? Why of course you can. How High two breaths of air on VH1 on May 4 at 10 p.m. ET and Sunday, May 5 at 8 p.m. ET. You may also catch it through the MTV app which can be downloaded onto Android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV, XBOX, Nvidia Shield.

How High 2 is the same old continuation of the story, Lil Yachty and D.C Young play Calvin and Roger respectively. Both of them, find a “Weed Bible” in their basement wall. This Bible helps them produce the best quality weed ever. Somehow, the Bible gets stolen, and the duo has do scour to Atlanta to get the Bible back.

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