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Capone 2020 Cast, Plot & All You Need to Know

Capone 2020 update
Capone 2020 update

Today we’ll be talking about Tom Hardy’s upcoming Capone 2020 movie. Alphonse Gabriel Capone aka ‘Scarface’ the notorious gangster during the Prohibition era, has been a fascinating subject for many over the years, and with the latest film centering about him releasing today, fans are extremely excited to see Capone’s shenanigans during that era. If you’re looking for key details on the film, and all the important information about the film then you’re in the right place, as we have gathered and compiled all the recent reports and updates regarding the film, so here is everything you need to know about Tom Hardy’s Capone.

According to the latest updates, the film is pretty entertaining, and Tom Hardy as Capone has done a fantastic job delivering the performance, despite having a low buzz. Edited and directed by Josh Trank, Capone is an American biographical crime movie, the film focuses on Al Capone during his part of life after he was sent to the prison and his struggle with his diseases while living in Florida.

Capone 2020 Cast

Capone 2020 Featuring Tom Hardy

Based on the initial reactions, the film received mixed settings and the critics were not too impressed with the overall crafting of the story. Capone received an approval rating of 52% and an overall score of 5.72, which is pretty average. Tom Hardy excelled in his performance as Capone, however, according to the critics, ‘the haphazard construction’ of the story failed to support Tom’s performance.

What is the Plot of Capone 2020? Is there any Trailer for the movie?

Capone 2020 Review

Capone 2020 Still

The film revolves around the most notorious and feared gangsters during the Prohibition era, Al Capone, and it chronicles his life after he was sent to prison for 11 years. After he was released, Al Capone was not the same man and he was no longer a threat, he was suffering from dementia and syphilis, which spoiled his body.

The film follows him and his family’s post-retirement life in Florida as he slowly rots with all his diseases. He is being kept under close watch by the federals, and he suffers from major hallucinations and soon loses his motor control. The movie aims to show the audience the final time of his life and the conditions he was in during his final years before passing way in January 1947.

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An official trailer was released on 15th April 2020, and you can watch it here to get an idea about the movie.

Who is in the cast of Capone 2020?

The cast for Capone 2020 includes:

  • Linda Cardellini as Mae Capone
  • Tom Hardy as Al Capone
  • Noel Fisher as Junior
  • Kyle MacLachlan as Karlock
  • Matt Dillon as Johnny
  • Kathrine Narducci as Rosie
  • Jack Lowden as Crawford
  • Al Sapienza as Ralphie
  • Tilda Del Toro as Mona Lisa
  • Wayne Pére as Director Nordhoff
  • Jhemma Ziegler as Theresa
  • Mason Guccione as Tony
  • Samantha Czosnek as Virginia Hill
  • Gino Cafarelli as Gino
  • Rose Bianco as Nanna
  • Edgar Arreola as Rodrigo
  • Troy Anderson as Louis Armstrong
  • Tara Marie Foy as Roberta
    Manny Fajardo as Zambini
  • Emma Willoughby as Gabi
  • Caiden Acurio as Vince

When is Capone 2020 update?

Capone has been released on 12th May 2020 by Vertical Entertainment on Video on Demand